1.0 Call to Order: Janet Kennedy welcomed everyone and gave a summary of the association’s activities over the past year. There were about 40 people in attendance.


2.0 Board of Directors Present: Janet Kennedy, Dave McCarthy, Fred Heinz, Gail Lamb


3.0 Treasurer’s Report: David McCarthy reported a balance of $6399 of which $3500 is committed for the Entry Signage. This does not take into account renewing and new memberships sold this evening.


4.0 Signage: Fred Heinz reported on the signage. The sign at the entry to Port is ready for installation by the municipality, hopefully before the end of 2017. It will be situated on Sunset opposite the junction of Sunset and East Street. The sign is 7 feet high and 10 feet wide. This effort was facilitated also by Andrew Hibbert and Linda Easton.


5.0 Port Stanley Public School (PSPS): Sheila Pinder, Principal, reported on the current status. When she started as principal there were 82 students. There are now 205 including the French Immersion students. The French Immersion students will be going to Sparta in September 2018 and current Sparta students will become PSPS students. The school districts may be reorganized with the potential of St. Thomas being divided down the center for the French Immersion students with some going to Sparta and Some going to Pierre Elliot Trudeau.


6.0 Traffic Studies David McCarthy headed a group of volunteers who studied traffic on Carlow and East roads as well as Sunset where the speed limit changes to 50 km as you enter the village. They found that speeding was a problem on all roads studied. They have reduced the speed limit to 40 km on Carlow. Speeding on East Road and Sunset has been brought to the attention of the municipality and county.


7.0 Port Stanley Seniors Housing Committee: Wendy MacMillan, Chair, gave a comprehensive report on the need and on the progress to date. The City of St. Thomas has been most helpful and has made available a housing consultant, Neil Watson. Most significant was the application for funding for a needs study in partnership with Central Elgin for $20,500. The Committee will not know until January if their application has been successful. In the meantime they are reviewing possible sites and investigating funding options for a building.


8.0 Port Stanley Harbour Secondary Plan: Janet Kennedy as the PSVA representative to the committee reported on activities to date. Another Steering Committee meeting will probably be held in December with a follow up public meeting in the new year.


9.0 Awards:


1. Outstanding community service: It was voted at the October meeting to award a lifetime PSVA membership to Andrew and Linda Hibbert for their ongoing contribution to the community. A Certificate was presented to them when the PSVA directors visited them at their home.


2. “Above and Beyond”: A certificate was also presented to Karl Berkelmans for his and his staff’s knowledgeable and friendly ‘service with a smile’ at Home Hardware. An enthusiastic round of applause was given by the members.


10. Report of Councilor and Mayor:

1. Dan McNeil reported on issues and goals accomplished in the village. The presentation was a joint effort with Mayor Dave Marr. Sally Martin’s attendance at the meeting in the audience was acknowledged and she contributed to the discussion. The upcoming public presentation by Westell developments off George Street was noted and members were urged to attend. Sunset Bluffs development is proceeding.


2. Mayor Dave Marr also reported on issues. Sewage treatment upgrades were highlighted. The overall design will reduce the number of lagoons required. It was noted that lagoons do not operate well in winter. A member of the audience protested that all the residents of Central Elgin should not be paying for these upgrades through property taxes as there is little benefit for them. Dan explained that upgrades like this project are funded by Development Fees paid by the developers of new real estate.


3. The new building south of the Bridge on the west side of the creek includes washrooms, an Elgin County Tourist booth, and space for the rescue ATV.

It will be completed this year.


11. Approval of Directors: Janet Kennedy, Linda Easton, Dave McCarthy, Michael Durling, Dan Ross and Gail Lamb were approved as directors by the members.


12. Change of Meeting Night: Janet Kennedy proposed that the meeting night be changed to the second Wednesday of the month instead of Thursday In order to facilitate attendance by a board member. This was accepted by the members.


Janet Kennedy moved that the meeting be adjourned at 8.30 PM.