Board of Directors Present: Janet Kennedy, Linda Easton, Dave McCarthy, Fred Heintz, Gail Lamb

Members Present: Brian Petts, Cynthia Petts, Terry Campbell, Anne Sasanow, Mark Evans, Shelley Stazyk, Jeff Margetts, Wendy Sim, John Sim, Patricia Fryer, Anne Costos, Don Ward, June Ward, Sandy Druet, Ruth Heard, Wendy MacMillan, Harold Parker, Nigel Howcroft, Dan McNeil, Kelly Jones, Ted Halwa, Anja Sanders, Michael Durling, Helen Spangenberg, John Brekelmans


Call to Order: Janet Kennedy welcomed everyone.


1)     Treasurer’s Report: Dave reported a balance of $6282.46 in the account of which $3,500, donated by the Lions Club and BIA, is designated for the Port Stanley entry signage.  This leaves $2782.46 for use by the PSVA.

2)     Entry Signage

a)     Fred Heintz spoke on the meeting he had with Elgin County engineer, Peter Dutchak.  Elgin County has jurisdiction over Sunset Road.  Mr. Dutchak directed that the sign should be on 6 x 6 posts rather than 4x4’s so that a larger sign, either 6’x4’ or 4’x8’ or 5’x10’, could be installed.  McBains is preparing a new quote on the sign to accommodate the enlargement. The sign will be made of aluminum composite.  If it costs more, the PSVA has pledged $200 if needed.  The county wants the sign to replace the current sign in that location.  PSVA requested that Fred ask if the location can be changed to across from the East Road turn off.  This would include the people in the new subdivision as part of Port Stanley.  Janet offered a letter from the PSVA to support the new location.  It was also suggested that the sign be lit or placed under street lighting.


3)     Port Stanley Future For Senior Living Committee Update:

a)     Wendy MacMillan updated us on the committee work. Central Elgin supports the PSVA re the application for a funding grant for a market analysis for senior housing.  The results of the application will be known in January. 

b)     The committee is connecting with other organizations working on senior issues such as transportation and medical facilities.

c)     Members are urged to complete the senior survey Janet sent out earlier.




4)     New Business

a)     Marijuana Legislation: Janet raised a concern about marijuana legislation in the village.  Dan McNeil explained that health care is upper tier and not something Central Elgin can regulate.  It is not clear who will regulate it at this point.  Transport Canada will direct the province, which will direct the municipalities and health units. The Health Unit oversees a wide variety of concerns such as water quality, maternity care, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.  Marijuana oversight may be attached to alcohol and gaming.  Elgin County will have some responsibility.  The cost may fall on Central Elgin. Any concerns should be directed to our MP or MPP.

b)     Dan’s Remarks: Dan had two items to bring to our attention

i)       Central Elgin wants to complete some sidewalk restoration at Front and George Streets but when they put out tenders they had no responses.  The economy is very good so crews are busy therefore the repairs are postponed until next year.

ii)      The same architects that designed the boathouse have bid on the new fire hall. The design will cost $195,000.  CE would like to get the foundation laid and will put this out to tender in January and February.  Malahide has a fire hall design tender but the bid was $800,000 over their estimate.  They have put the building on hold.

Harbour Secondary Review Discussion: 

Janet pointed out that many of the recommendations from earlier reports on the harbour (2003, 2009, 2013) were not included in the presentation at the public meeting.  She asked if the PSVA should send a letter presenting our views.  A discussion ensued. 


Three people agreed with the public meeting presentation.  Others felt the presentation seemed to focus on maximum economic development and was too urban.  There were questions about the demographic needs of Port Stanley.  Issues discussed were around the height of the buildings, need for parkland and recreation areas, parking and transport, flood plains, the need to extend the season, attracting young families, and a marina to accommodate boats with showers and a dump out.


Dan explained that until a breakwater can be built to create a safer shelter for the boats, a marina will not happen.  Central Elgin began work on this 3 or 4 years ago but there are many hoops to jump through before a breakwater can be built.  Dredging at the mouth of the river quickly fills in again at 12 feet.  The rest of the harbour is dredged to 18 feet. 


Dan recommended rereading the Port Stanley Harbour Economic Plan because of the good recommendations it included.  Janet will send out the link.


It was decided that it was too early to send a letter.  There will be a steering committee meeting that people can attend prior to the next draft of the plan. Another public meeting will happen in early fall. Then there will be a statutory meeting for the final plan.


Compliments were offered re Harbourfest.  It had good attendance and many events.  There were complaints about the lack of information on where and when the events were happening.  A map is needed and brochures or newspaper supplements.  Dan explained that Natasha Fraser, hired by the BIA did not have enough time to orient things with the unpredictability of the ongoing construction.  Natasha has done an excellent job.  The BIA is looking to hire an event planner for throughout the year.



Adjournment: 8:33



Below is the link to the Economic Development Plan.  It gives a good overview of what we have and don't have now as well as what we need to do to have and enjoy to a viable, sustainable, and dynamic harbour and waterfront.