Board of Directors Present: Janet Kennedy, Linda Easton, Dan Ross, Gail Lamb

Members Present: Shawn Buchanan, David Harvey, Penny Moore, Nancy Moore, Nigel Howcroft, Peter VanWesten, Sharon Lee, George Pigache, Julia Pigache, J.L. Margetts, Arlene Woods, Terry Campbell, John Orekelmans, Helen Spanenberg, Mike Karda, Brian Petts, Cynthia Petts, Councilor Dan McNeil, Anne Coates, Ron Dakers, Loreeta Dakers, Robert Langlois, Brion Lumley, Janet Dwyer, Ted Halwa, Mark Evans, Kelly Jones, Bob Low, Wendy Sim, John Sim, Bob and Sue Bierling.

Call to Order: Janet Kennedy welcomed everyone.

1) Treasurer’s Report: Dave McCarthy was absent so the latest figures were unavailable.

Senior Living:

a) Gail Lamb reported on the seniors’ apartment committee’s visit to West Lorne. They met with the chair and administrator of the 16 unit seniors’ apartment building. The building is well appointed and attached to a ‘HUB’, which includes an area for the VON and a chiropractor, an open room, and a kitchen where meals on wheels are assembled. The apartment is well located near the fire hall, community hall, nursing centre and access to the 401. The chair of the board explained that it was a team effort. West Lorne remediated the soil. The municipality, provincial and federal governments and local service clubs worked together to make it happen. It had community spirit behind it. The project has to carry financially but some residents are subsidized. There was discussion about whether only locals were in residence.


2) Prespa Update:

a) The meeting planned to discuss Prespa’s current plans for the property at the corner of William and Edith Cavell was cancelled due to the weather. Another meeting will be set in the near future.


3) Harbour Secondary Review Meeting

a) It became evident that to submit a position paper to council at this time was very difficult to do because of a lack of information. Instead Mayor David Marr, Deputy Mayor Sally Martyn and Councilor Dan McNeil agreed to meet informally with the committee of Nigel Howcroft, Janet Kennedy, Dan Ross and Linda Easton. The meeting was an informal discussion of possibilities for harbour development.

The July public meeting was very preliminary and designed to get public response to the ideas presented. The response to the meeting sent Dillon back to the drawing board and extended the timeline. On a timeline of 1 to 10, Port Stanley harbour development is at about 2 or 3. Rather than presenting which may be viewed as opposing, this informal committee hopes to continue constructive and creative discussion with council. The official steering committee will continue but is waiting on the report of the technical committee. The technical committee is investigating broader infrastructure concerns (such as the need for a pumping station or expanded sewage treatment capacity, traffic, etc.) that need to be addressed before development. It is hoped the planning will be completed by the summer. There will probably be two more public meetings.

4) New Business

a) Possibilities for the DOC building

i) Council regards the DOC building as a big tent. The building has heritage value both historical and architectural. It was one of the first poured concrete buildings. Can it be a public-private revenue stream? It cannot be sold for another 13 years. Some ideas were presented:

(1) Install bathroom and showers for visiting boaters.

(2) Because more marathons are taking place here, more secure ‘parking’ for the expensive bikes is needed as well as public lockers to store personal items. Rental bikes could be offered as well.

(3) Municipal kayak storage would be helpful.

(4) Upgrading the building with glass doors, heat and design improvements could make it a wedding venue which can bring in up to $8,000 for rentals. The gazebo at Hofhuis Park would be a place for ceremony.

(5) Off-season workshops could be held, either weeklong or weekend, in art or dance or music.

(6) The open area on the roof could become a gathering area.

(7) Gail will be creating a 3D drawing of the DOC building.


b) Port Stanley Boundaries:

i) Port Stanley is no longer an entity because it is now part of Central Elgin. The census defines a small boundary which does not include the school or arena. Can we create our own boundaries? We want to be inclusive. The ward system excludes the Little Creek development although it was pointed out that they have the advantage of two councilors. PSVA uses the postal code. Central Elgin has a planning boundary that Ted Halwa will research and bring to the next meeting.


c) Dan McNeil’s Report

i) There will be an official opening of the tourist building in May.

ii) A question was asked about poor garbage pick up in Little Beach. CE is not pleased with the contractor. There are two trucks and when one breaks down they are unable to pick up all the garbage. When the truck is full it leaves. Many calls have come to the physical services department. Little Creek has not been well served for several months. CE is in discussion with the contractor to improve this situation.

iii) Transport Canada has finished the remediation of the berm. It awaits provincial environmental approval. Transport Canada wants the record of site condition approved so their involvement is completed. The berm is now soft capped.

iv) The east walkway is completed.

v) This year’s budget will be set in about 3 weeks. Already approved but not yet completed is the heritage lighting along both sides of the harbour.

vi) A public meeting on signage bylaw will happen on Tuesday, January 16 from 5 to 7 at the Central Elgin building. There has been no sign bylaw to this point. The collection of signage along Wellington and Highbury Roads has created a problem. Also, there are no guidelines for the size of signage.

vii) Setting standards to preserve trees is a thrust CE wants with the county.

viii) A noise bylaw is in process. The ipresent one does not deal with amplified sound. There will be restrictions that require a sound engineer and license. The hours of operation will also be restricted.

ix) The lighthouse is to be refurbished from the waterline up with a $60,000 grant from the federal government. There is more work to be done below water. Central Elgin cannot claim ownership until the federal government takes charge of the lighthouse portfolio. An announcement cannot be made until then.

x) P.S. Public School skating has not been possible because of a disagreement between the insurance agencies of CE and the Thames Valley School Board. The issue is being negotiated. They hope to skate in January.

xi) The skating rink in front of the Anglican Church is open for anyone to use. This is part of an initiative by the regional health unit which is funding projects for youth activities. Rink kits have been provided to a variety of locations.

xii) Fencing will remain around the berm until it is seeded and hay is laid and that is given time to establish itself. It is still considered a construction site.

xiii) A question was asked re walking access from Orchard Beach to downtown. Port Stanley Community Policing has made pedestrian safety a priority this year. The area in front of the theatre is not safe for pedestrians.

xiv) A question was asked about development fees and the answer was that it was a complicated calculation. Central Elgin will build sidewalks on George Street as part of the Wastell development.

xv) The new entry sign needs lighting and so it was suggested that a solar light be installed similar to the solar light used on the Central Elgin sign across from Canadales.

xvi) The status of McAsphalt was brought up; they will be starting the removal of the painted tank tomorrow as part of it is on CE land. No further updates.


Adjournment: 8:25