Letter to Central Elgin Harbour Vision Committee 18 Sept 2015

September 18, 2015


Mayor David Marr and

Members of Council

Municipality of Central Elgin




Dear Mayor Marr:


The last election meant the termination of all the committees that had been in existence during the last council. At that time PSVA was assured that the Harbour Vision Committee would be reinstated when the new council took its position. Since then we have heard nothing about the Harbour Vision Committee and wonder what the intention of council is.


Many of the recommendations of the earlier committee have been put in place but now the future of the harbour is at a new stage. The vision for the berm and west harbour needs to be considered and citizen consultation is an important part of this vision.


Would you please inform PSVA of your intentions for the Harbour Vision Committee?


Yours truly,



Linda Easton

President PSVA