Letter to Mayor D Marr & Council November 1 2014 - Election Welcome


Port Stanley Village Association

465 Valley St., Port Stanley, ON

N5L 1G5


November 1, 2014

Mayor David Marr and

Members of Council

Municipality of Central Elgin


Dear Mayor Marr and Councilors:


On behalf of the Port Stanley Village Association, I would like to congratulate you all on your new council positions. I trust that this team will be able to carry on with the good work that has already been accomplished for the Port Stanley Harbour and the rest of Central Elgin.

We are aware that all committees end when the last council’s term is completed and so we would like to request that two of those committees be reinstated: the Harbour Vision Committee and the Community Groups Committee.

The Harbour Vision Committee has been an effective tool to align representative voices in the community with the official plan for the harbour. I hope council will remain open to its suggestions.

The Community Groups Committee was a welcome chance to speak directly in a more informal setting to members of council. We found this to be an effective communication tool to link officials with local organizations.

I hope you will continue the good work of both of these groups.


Thank you for your consideration,



Linda Easton

President Port Stanley Village Association