Letter to Mayor D Marr & Council December 29 2014 - DOC Signage

Port Stanley Village Association

465 Valley St., Port Stanley, ON

N5L 1G5


December 29, 2014


Mayor David Marr

Municipality of Central Elgin


Dear Mayor Marr:


In May of 2014, the Port Stanley Village Association offered to contribute $400 towards signage on the Dominion of Canada Building. At that time council decided to decline a sign identifying the building because the future use of the building is undetermined.


We would like to propose an alternative to permanent signage. Instead, we would like to contribute towards a banner, which would help visitors recognize the Dominion of Canada building as a heritage public building. Please consider applying this contribution towards the completion of the signage.


Yours truly,

Linda Easton

President PSVA


Cc Dan McNeil

Lloyd Perrin

Don Leitch

Diane Wilson