Letter to Fish & Wildlife Services - Cleanup of Building


Port Stanley Village Association

465 Valley St., Port Stanley, ON

N5L 1G5


December 29, 2014


Mr. Brian Locke, Manager

Lake Erie Management Unit

Fish and Wildlife Services Branch

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

659 Exeter Road

London, Ont, N6E 1L3


Dear Mr. Locke


A Ministry of Resources fish inspection building is located in the Port Stanley harbour where many fishing tugs arrive with their catch. Port Stanley is going through significant upgrades as it transitions from a federal harbour to the local control of the Municipality of Central Elgin. The harbour is being upgraded to attract tourists and so the harbour walk has been landscaped and trim and buildings have been painted.


Along the landscaped, upgraded harbour walkway is the small building that the ministry inspector occupies. The ministry fish inspection building is not in keeping with the rest of the area. It looks very neglected with peeling paint and old signage. The local and international visitors that travel the walkway, as well as sailors entering the harbour, must notice the neglectful appearance of the small building at the entrance to the harbour.


The Port Stanley Village Association submitted an earlier request that the building be cleaned and repainted but nothing has happened. We would be most pleased to see this Ministry of Natural Resources structure revitalized and refreshed for the coming season.


Thank you for your consideration of this matter,


Yours truly,

Linda Easton

President, Port Stanley Village Association.