Letter Highway 401 Sign, October 15, 2015

Mayor David Marr and

Members of Council

Municipality of Central Elgin




Dear Mayor Marr:


The Port Stanley Village Association has raised the issue of signage along the 401 Highway that would direct people to Port Stanley. Our member Bruce Fox completed a report on the situation and I have contacted the Corridor Management Division of the MTO. Kevin Smut of the Traffic Department has gathered information for us.


We know that the 401 and Wellington Road sign would be too costly to arrange but, because of the construction happening on Highway 4, it would be possible for council to request a change in signage at 401 and 4 westbound. The redesign is happening now for placement in 2018 or 2019.


The PSVA request that Central Elgin Council contact MTO Green Signs at (800) 387-3445 to arrange for the placement of Port Stanley on the westbound 401 sign at Highway 4.


Yours truly,

Linda Easton

President PSVA