Directors Present: Janet Kennedy, Gail Lamb, Dave McCarthy, Doug Chateauneuf, Linda Easton, Bruce Fox, Fred Heinz, Andrew Hibbert

Regrets: Harry Bishop, Wendy MacMillan

Members: Dan McNeil, Kathy Parker, Harold Parker, Mark Evans, J.L. Margetts, George and Julia Pigache, Ted Halwa, Patricia Fryer



Janet Kennedy, president, called the meeting to order and welcomed all attendees


2. Treasurer`s report:

Harry Bishop, treasurer, was not in attendance but Janet reported that the amount remains the same as last time: $2755.53 in the PSVA account with another $3500 dedicated to the entry signage for Port Stanley.

3. Current Business

a. Updates

I. Signage: Andrew reported that the proposed location for the Port Stanley entry sign is near the Green Roof but a Central Elgin official needs to meet with him to approve it. Then Elgin County needs to approve it. Hopefully this will happen over the next month.

II. Community Bulletin Board: Andrew said the board is to be on the east side of the Coffee House. The building is part of an inheritance but the children have approved the sign. There was discussion on whether to have a wooden sign built or a longer lasting aluminum sign..

III. Traffic Control – Dave McCarthy reported that the traffic control report has been completed and sent to the police but he has been unable to contact the officer in charge for a response..

IV. Cement Barriers on First and Fourth: Dave discussed the cement blocks as a traffic problem if emergency entry is required. A letter needs to be sent requesting a change to allow accessibility.

4. New Business

a. Dan McNeil Q&A:

1. The Steering Committee will probably begin in September or October. A letter has been sent to council regarding representation of PSVA on the committee.

2. Parking Meter Placement: there was a general discussion. It was agreed that there are not enough meters. Meters will take cash, credit or an app. The screens can’t be seen in the sun. They need a hood to block the sun and a flag that can show the location across the lot. A smart phone can now be used instead of the meters but the question is how many people use these. There are often long lineups. Does there need to be signage to explain the meters? PSVA will contact CE regarding this issue.

3. Garbage Cans: The comment was that there were not enough. There are lots on the beaches but on Main Street they are on the south side but not the north. Cottagers drop off bags of garbage at the receptacles. Dan said there are fewer this year. Port needs better ones than the 45 gallon cans so CE is buying cans that have recycling and trash holes to separate the garbage. He said to check the CE policy document to assess the plans. PSVA will contact CE regarding this issue.

4. Dog Beach: Dogs are allowed on the pier. Perhaps doggie bags could be put there. Ted Halwa offered to take this issue on. It was suggested that a dog area be fenced In at the base of Picnic Hill.

5. Pier: Grading of the dredgate was not done well so it is being mounded for run off and then seeded. The bridge to the park to the end of the pier will provide more protection for the boat launch. Armour stone will be put around the road debris. The bridge will cover the fish habitat area. We may be able to walk in the park on an optional 10 foot sidewalk around the area. East Elgin Concrete will be doing that.

6. Lighthouse: Carpentry and underwater work will be done with the $65,000 from the federal government for the work. Ownership will transfer sometime in October with an official ceremony. The lighthouse will not be walkable.

7. Kettle Creek Channel: The channel has been dredged to a draft of 18 feet deep, which will last about 12 to 15 years. The mouth of the river is 12 feet deep. Central Elgin will not dredge that because it fills in within 6 months and tends to maintain a uniform level.

8. DOC building: The negotiations for the DOC building fell through because the company wanted to own the building. The sale is not allowed under the federal transfer until the end of the 20 year agreement. Central Elgin will invest in upgrading the building. At present there is no power. Ted Halwa suggested that PSVA might want to attract small groups to use the building. A small committee was formed to discuss the possibility.

9. Berm Park: The work will begin next year on the 17 acres. Transport Canada is capping polluted areas. Central Elgin will work with Transport Canada to share plans and costs.

10. Prespa proposal: Prespa has informally presented a 2 building proposal. There is a new architectural concept. There will again be public meetings.

11. Historical Designation: This will not be raised in the near future but good information has been left behind.

12. McAsphalt: Something is in the works but cannot be discussed.

13. Monitor Traffic into Port: Warren, Carlow, Colbourne and East Road are all owned by Elgin County so PSVA needs to influence them.

14. New Fire Chief: A new fire chief has been hired. Work on the new fire station will begin in the fall.

15. Shamrock Chemicals: There are two properties. One is owned by Ultramar and is well maintained. The other along Carlow Road was abandoned. $4 million has already been spent to remediate the contaminated soil. No one will touch it now.

16. Elgiin County Tourism: Andrew stated that they plan to hold Pokeman Go events on August 13, 20 and 31.



Next meeting is Thursday, September 8th at 7pm at The Breakfast Place (formerly Roxy’s)