Directors Present: Doug Chateauneuf, Linda Easton, Janet Kennedy, Fred Heinz, Gail Lamb, Wendy MacMillan, Dave McCarthy

Regrets: Andrew Hibbert, Harry Bishop, Bruce Fox

Members: Mark Evans, Wendy Sim, Jeff Margetts, Brion Lumley, Ted Halwa, Dan McNeil, Patricia Fryer, Harold Parker, Lisa Metcalfe, Hugh Oliver, Mike and Margo Karda, Julia and George Pigache, Steve and Linda Glover, Mel and Eileen Timmons

Non Members: Agnes VerHoeven,

Guest Speakers: Mayor Dave Marr, Deputy Mayor Sally Martyn



a. Janet Kennedy, president, called the meeting to order at 7pm and welcomed all attendees

2. Treasurer`s report:

a. Harry Bishop, treasurer, was not in attendance but Janet reported that there was approximately $6000 in the account but $3500 of that is dedicated to the entry signage into Port Stanley.

3. Business

a. Traffic

1. Dave McCarthy addressed the concern re speeding on Carlow and Colbourne Streets. The OPP need evidence that speeding is indeed an issue and so a study will be conducted. The Port Stanley Volunteer Police offered to help monitor cars going under and over the speed limit. Three volunteers are needed to help them. Mark Evans volunteered to help. Other volunteers are welcome.

2. Signage is under the control of Central Elgin and Elgin County.

3. There was the question of what type of signage is needed – illuminated? At what time? Signage to show the speed? Hopefully the study will show the significance of the problem.

b. Membership

i. Wendy reported modest growth but there are many lapsed members. She will report at the next meeting on the success of renewing the memberships. The greater number of our membership means greater strength of our voice to council. Janet asked for a vote on whether or not to send the agenda to these lapsed members. The vote was in favour.

c. Report by Mayor Dave Marr and Deputy Mayor Sally Martyn:

i. Highway #4 signage: Council members did not recall the letter sent from PSVA requesting new signage at Highway 4. It will be resent to council.

ii. Harbour Vision Committee: Dave has not seen the need for the committee to this point. Jim McCoomb is working on zoning and then the next steps to develop will be clear. Dave felt that the 20 member group was too big but there is a place for sub committees. A representative of the Village Association would be one of the members.

iii. Harbour Remediation: will begin this summer because council did not want any more delays. It is going to tenders. The mayor felt that the process was speeded up by the visit of Karen Vecchio with Kate Young, a representative of Transport Canada. The area from the bridge to the Dominion of Canada building and part of the parking lot will be blocked off. A large area of the east harbour berm will also be dug 3 to 4 metres down and the dirt and water will be removed. There will be no bio piles sitting. Soil from Central Elgin road projects will be used to fill the holes. This will mean the land will be ready to develop with a clear assessment.

iv. Future of Harbour Remediation: It has been 6 years since a public meeting so it is time for another. Janet asked if there could be a Port Stanley Vision Committee rather than limiting it to the harbour redevelopment. Dave pointed out that the harbour lands are owned by Central Elgin and therefore council has control over them while the rest of Port Stanley is largely private property and so decisions cannot be made as easily. The PSVA could make a presentation to council on the Harbour Vision Committee.

1. The Community Input Meetings will be reinstated which are informal meetings with open discussion.

2. George Pigache asked if senior homes are part of the planning. Mayor Marr stated there would be a mix of commercial and residential.

3. Remediation at Little Beach: Central Elgin will ensure there is access to the family beach during remediation.

4. When will proposals be accepted? Tenders must be the lowest bid. The Record of Site Conditions will identify what can be built where and how. That may be ready for next year.

5. According to Transport Canada the excavations will take 6 to 8 weeks to be done by the fall. Walking will be accessible at the south end of the DOC building. Harbourfest will be there.

6. At present there is interest in the DOC building but not the harbour lands. Repairs to the DOC building are required but need to suit the potential use. The roof has to be repaired but there is no reason to tear it down. Central Elgin cannot sell the DOC building or any other lands until September 2030.

7. The architect will be advising on the design of the new pump house by the DOC building. The pump house will house a washroom and tourist booth.

8. Harbour lands can be leased to own. The federal government will not allow a capital lease but an operational lease will give, after the lease has expired, the first right to buy at fair market value.


v. Fire Plan: the fire hall design is not open to public approval. A committee of council includes two council members, and the engineer and they already have the basic design of the Belmont fire hall. Council chose the Green Roof location over Selbourne Park. Union and Port were not combined because Union needs a southeast location. The fire hall will have drive through bays. $200,000 has been set aside each of the last 5 years towards the total cost of $2 million. Money could be borrowed at 2.3% and locked in so would be less to borrow. Infrastructure Ontario is contributing as well. The ATV for beach rescue needs to be closer to the beach than the fire hall. It may be located by the pump station.

vi. Quint: The quint is a contentious issue. The truck has a pumper, tank, 75 foot aerial ladder with a hose attached and is able to suck from ponds. It is used for heights, hillsides. It is budgeted in the reserve fund, which is for future equipment over 8 years. It would mean no change to the tax rate but would have to be replaced in 20 years. Sally Martyn pointed out that St. Thomas has one, which they needed only 3 times last year. The quint was voted down 6 years ago when it was $600,000 to $700,000. The new fire chief will have views on both the quint and fire hall. If it is agreed to buy it, it will go to tender for about $1 million. All parts come from the US so the high exchange rate is increasing costs. It was pointed out that tall buildings fight fire from the inside of the building.

vii. Fire Chief: There have been 17 applications but none has been selected so far. Chief Crocker leaves at the end of May but there are 4 district fire chiefs, one of whom could fill the vacancy temporarily.

viii. Medical Response: The fire department is responsible for medical response. Elgin County is responsible for ambulance service. Edward Street and Shaw Valley have the two stations. Bayham and Central Elgin cover calls from the west. A bay at the new fire hall may be added for an ambulance. The ambulances keep moving locations for quick response. The bay may not be needed if they can park temporarily in the fire hall. With the aging population fire fighters have been increased to 30 volunteers. Daytime can be a problem as many have day jobs. 40 volunteers turned over last year so Sally is suggesting that volunteers sign on for three years and, if they get a firefighter job outside of Central Elgin repay part of the training costs. The new rule is that 10 men must answer the call in under 10 minutes. This means the address of the volunteers is important and the Green Roof location does add distance.

ix. Green Light: People are not responding to the green light volunteers use to indicate motorists are to move aside. Education is needed: perhaps go back to the schools and/or advertise in the CE Buzz. The Ontario Traffic Act does not recognize the green light.

x. # of Councillors: It was pointed out that we should never invite more than 3 councillors; otherwise, it becomes an official meeting.