Directors present: Margo Karda, Janet Kennedy, Linda Easton, Joe Fournier, Dave McCarthy, Andrew Hibbert

Directors regrets: Harry Bishop, Darcey Taylor-Vedova

Members present: Karen and Mike Egan, Ted halwa, Gail Lamb, Dan and Cathy McNeil, George and Julia Pigache, Dave and Marg McKee


1) Call to Order and Welcome

a) Members were all welcomed by Linda Easton.

2) Treasurer’s Report – Harry Bishop

a) Harry emailed the present total of $3278.27

3) Business

a) Silo Update

i) Ted Halwa reported that nothing is decided. They are trying to resolve issues arising if the silo is saved as an observation tower. There are only three others in Ontario: Brock’s Monument, Tobermory and the CN tower. There would be a significant expenditure and so they are looking for sources of funding. They are asking if all the silos are necessary to form the basin for the area to hold the dredgate. The silo is on the council agenda for the second week of January. The demolition is scheduled for March. Yarmouth Crane is to disassembling all but the concrete. That equipment is being sold, any left will be sold as scrap metal.

b) Accessibility

i) Andrew discussed the lack of accessibility in Port Stanley for wheel chair access. No hotel rooms here are accessible. Ramps need to be 30” in depth. Sally Martyn is now chair of the Elgin County committee on accessibility.

c) Dog Park

(a) Harry is still working on the Lions project and should know in March.

d) Membership Renewals

(a) Janet has not had time to go over the list but will report in January.

e) Events on the Website

(a) The question of whether to include events on the website was discussed. Dave McKee pointed out that the events could be a separate section so that it does not interfere with the home page. It was decided that only Port Stanley events would be included. The Beacon will send events they have posted to the PSVA website.

f) Number of Meetings

(a) It had been suggested that PSVA have meetings only when issues arise but in discussion it was agreed that the regular once a month meetings allow a sharing of information and ideas that are necessary to help us move ahead.