Directors Present: Harry Bishop, Dave McCarthy, Andrew Hibbert, Margo Karda, Janet Kennedy, Linda Easton

Directors Regrets: Joe Fournier, Darcy Vedova

Members: Rowena Williams, Gail Lamb, Fred Heinz, George Pigache, Bruce Fox, Mike Karda, Dan McNeil·


1) Treasurer`s report: Harry reported $3231.20 in the account.

2) Business

a) Silo: Linda has been in contact with John Kudelka of Junction Climbing in London about the possibility of making a silo into a climbing wall. John is interested and in the process of creating a business plan and finding backers. He hopes to have a business plan ready to present to council in September but emphasizes that there are a lot of details that need to be in place before bringing the project to reality.

b) DOC building historical designation: Andrew has spoken with Bob Burns about designating the building. It was probably built around 1934. Bob thinks it would be a viable project. An historical plaque would be erected on the building. The designation would not prevent Central Elgin from demolishing the building for other projects. Those present were unanimously in favour of going ahead with the historical designation.

c) Banner on DOC building: The new banner is now erected on the north end of the Dominion of Canada building. PSVA contributed $400 towards the cost of the banner. The building is now identified and includes the rental information.

d) Building at Stan’s Marina: Margo spoke with the owner of the unsightly building who said he planned to put on new siding and a new roof.

e) Heritage District: Council has bowed to the results of the survey on the heritage district and so will not move forward on the planned designation. Because this will not happen, the question was asked whether we need bylaws to manage new development. Dan answered that some of the plan on the heritage district will be included in council’s report. People who want a building permit will get a recommendation that they pay attention to surrounding architecture. There are already some height restrictions depending on the zone. If there is a request to build more than two levels, it would require a variance.

f) Membership: A letter has gone out to those who have not renewed their membership. Accurate numbers will be ready for next meeting. At that point, those who have not renewed will be personally contacted.

g) Dog Park: Harry has been in touch with Ultramar about the property on Catherine Street. They have not determined the future land use partly because of the question of environmental pollution. A representative will be coming in July to inspect the property and Harry will meet with him.

h) Fire Station: Dan pointed out that council is looking for a new location for the fire station. No site has been selected yet.

i) Signage at Port Entry: Andrew has created a new design for the entry sign into the village. He will be presenting this to council. The signs will be paid for by the BIA, Lions Club and PSVA. There was also discussion on the need for a new service group sign. Andrew will also create posters for PSVA and Heritage Port to install in the library and other locations.

j) Signage on the 401: Bruce presented a very thorough report on the signage in the surrounding area to see if people were being directed to Port Stanley. Highway 4 ends at Talbotville so, because it becomes Sunset Road, it is not the MTO’s responsibility. Elgin County is responsible for signage outside Central Elgin. It was recommended that Linda direct a letter to Jeff Yurek requesting signage at the Wellington Road and Highway 4 interchange.

k) Blue Flag Beach: Bruce also stated that the Port Stanley beach and Lake Erie are not reported on the weather channel’s beach report. Dan is on the Blue Flag Beach committee. He reported that the committee has to have various representatives like a councilor, head lifeguard, health board member, etc. Each year Port Stanley has to reapply for Blue Flag status. There are 3 unscheduled and 1 scheduled visits by inspectors each year. The inspectors were upset at the damage to the dunes and said, if the dunes were cut back again, we could lose the blue flag status. Also, the water quality has become an issue because of ecoli. It is unclear what is causing the problem so Dan is recommending that they do a DNA analysis to determine what the main cause might be. Dan also learned that dogs can walk on the beach in off season without threatening blue flag status. On the breakwater, whips that move in the air will be installed to deter seagulls from landing there.

l) Pier: The pier will be open in about 6 weeks.

m) Lighthouse: Fisheries and Oceans still own the lighthouse but the transfer to Central Elgin is in process. CE will eventually make it part of the breakwater.

n) Boat Launch: Hofhuis Park will be designed to facilitate the boat launch. Dan stated that he had changed his mind on the funding of the boat launch when it was pointed out that we regularly fund public recreation such as arenas, parks and playgrounds so a boat launch serves the same function.

o) Fishermen’s Memorial: There was a concern expressed about the state of the memorial. It was suggested that PSVA raise the issue with Central Elgin.

p) Port Stanley Map: Andrew distributed the new maps he has completed to everyone present. They are placed throughout the region for the use of visitors.