Directors present: Janet Kennedy, Linda Easton, Dave McCarthy, Andrew Hibbert, Margo Karda

Directors regrets: Harry Bishop, Joe Fournier, Darcey Taylor-Vedova

Members present: Ted Halwa, Gail Lamb, Bruce Fox, John Smith, Greg Selway


1) Call to Order and Welcome

a) Members introduced themselves.

2) Treasurer’s Report – Harry Bishop

a) Harry sent a report of $3167.27 in the account.

3) Business

a) Richardsons Building

i) Linda had contacted the Ministry of Fisheries to see if they might be interested in taking over this building to replace the present fisheries building but, on consideration, they felt that they would move ahead with the planned repairs to their present building.

b) Silo Update

i) Ted contacted Diane Wilson for information on the protocol required to submit the report but has received no response to date.

ii) Dan informed us that there is no hurry because the demolition of the silos will not happen until after Labour Day because the dredging would not happen until then. They will send out RFPs, which includes costing for demolition of all the silos, or all but one, and the cost of demolition of one at a later date if necessary.

iii) Dan also informed us that Central Elgin will be spending $700-800 thousand to stop flooding on Erie and George Streets. There will be new storm lines and a copper dam in the harbour.

iv) There will be a temporary dam to pump out water in the harbour as it has to be below the water line.

c) Dog Park update

i) Harry contacted the owners of the property, Ultramar, who said they will assess and determine if they will build or allow a dog park. The area is on Catherine St. at the corner of Warren St., south east of the bridge. The Lions Club has committed $5000 towards the project.




a) Physical Activity List on Website

i) Margo has posted the list on the PSVA website with links or phone numbers.

b) DOC Building Signage

i) Heritage Port has some historical signage planned for the Bessemer monolith and the Stork Club. Linda will contact Diane Wilson re a decision on the proposal for a banner on the DOC building.

c) KCCA Spelling Fundraiser, April 25

(1) PSVA people did not volunteer for the SpellBound team so Linda joined The Port Stanley Festival Theatre team, The New Orthographers.

d) P.S. Public School Package

i) Dave would like to put together an information and gift package for the new French students coming to the school next September. This package would be given to all students but would include such things as a map, a letter of welcome and coupons. The principal is amenable and Dave and Andrew will liaise to work out the package and present the proposal to the BIA on April 22.

e) Work on the Berm

i) The mess resulting from the whipper snipper tree cutting has been cleaned up. As for the concern about the trees that have been cut, Dan pointed out that all vegetation will be cut down because the berm has to be capped as part of the environmental reclaimation.

ii) The trees taken down in front of the theatre were ash.

f) Membership

i) Janet said there are 66 unpaid members. Dave McKee will be consulted re sending emails to the members.

ii) Entry Signage

(a) Andrew has researched this and reported that McBains would charge $3500 plus installation. Lions have pledged $1500 plus $500 if necessary for installation and the BIA has agreed to $2000.

(b) Andrew would also like an exit sign to replace the private sign that is on municipal property. Andrew will get names of people in charge of exit sign decision to approach them re putting in a new sign.

(c) The service sign is in disrepair so Andrew will talk to Dan about that and the confusing Fisherman’s Memorial sign.

(d) If council approves, Andrew will request funding from the Optimists and Over 55 Club for signs for Dexter Road.

iii) 401 Signage re Port

(a) According to Bruce the MTO is very bureaucratic with lots of regulations so he suggests it would be best to leave the issue of Port Stanley signage at the 401.



5) New Business

i) Stan’s Marina

(a) There is concern about the unattractive building at Stan’s Marina. It was decided to have a conversation with the owners about upgrading the appearance.

ii) Dan’s Remarks

(a) Dan suggested we look for Andrew’s article in the Lake Erie Beacon. Central Elgin has decided to install lighting on the pier with the same new lights in the town. Later they will be installed along both sides of the harbour and the berm.


Adjournment 8:40


Next meeting May 21, 2015