Directors Present: Eric Salin, Linda Easton, Janet Kennedy, Andrew Hibbert, Dave McCarthy, Joe Fournier, Nigel Howcroft, Darcy Vedova

Directors’ Regrets: Harry Bishop, Mary Eccles, Margo Karda

Members: Rowena Williams


Treasurer`s report: Harry Bishop was absent

Mailing Address: At present Janet Kennedy’s address is being given as the PSVA contact. Instead, it was decided to use the permanent address: PO Box 3, Port Stanley, Ontario, N5L 1J4. Janet Kennedy will check the mailbox weekly.

Shoreline Walking Rights: It was agreed to send a letter to members requesting that they support the legislation to allow shoreline walking rights. Linda Easton will compose the letter to members.

Dog Beach: Central Elgin sent a letter of information about the bylaws concerning dogs on the beach in other areas

Blue Flag Criterion 23: Dogs and pets are permitted in parking areas, on walkways and promenades in the back beach area only. A dog-free zone is recommended to avoid main beach areas.

Lambton Shores: pets allowed on back beach and boardwalk but not allowed between 8 AM and 8 PM from May 15 and September 15. At all other times dogs must be leashed.

South Bruce Peninsula: No dogs on Blue Flag beach from May 15 to September 15 between 9 AM and 6 PM.

Bluewater: Dogs are allowed on beach but must be leashed at all times. Pet waste stations are available.

Kincardine: Dogs are allowed on all beaches including the Blue Flag beach so long as they are leashed.

No policy has been established by Central Elgin yet. Their letter will be posted on the PSVA website.


Response to Joe Preston’s letter: Nigel Howcroft’s letter requesting information on the lack of progress on the harbour was answered by a non-committal letter from MP Joe Preston. He did, though, refer to a public meeting to be held in the new year. It was decided to wait for the public meeting before any other action is taken.

Facebook Page: The present page is very cluttered. Eric will create a business Facebook page to control the information better. It is a website address.

Skating Rink: Businesses have contributed $800. $300 of wood has been purchased. The legion is covering the rink under its insurance. Mackinnon Electric is installing electrical outlets. Woody’s is providing a boom truck. Karl at Home Hardware is donating a rink form. Families have been asked to provide hay bales. Shovels have been donated.

It was agreed to provide $200 for lights. Proposed by Dave McCarthy and seconded by Rowena Williams.

Prespa: Rowena reported that the construction on George St has been approved by environmental impact. Two more units are to be built. The land is to be raised 6 feet when the new houses are built.


Access to Information: A response from the federal government has been received by Janet Kennedy that states a copy of the report cannot be ready within 30 days and so a new date of March, 2014 was given. The letter will be posted on the website.


Goals for 2014: Eric requested goals to set for the new year. Possibilities were:

Advance the Harbour Plan

Parking – resident parking permits

Support the Heritage District

Expand media outreach

Help Harbourfest – auction?

Tugboat Pull – Darcy will look into this

Create Signs at three points of entry to Port Stanley

Recycling of Electronics: Dave McCarthy pointed out that Staples has an extensive policy to collect electronics and wondered if we should promote this but it was decided that because other groups also collect we would not emphasize this particular depot.


Hiring Relations at Central Elgin: Dave McCarthy asked if this was an issue to be investigated.