Directors present: Janet Kennedy, Linda Easton, Dave McCarthy, Harry Bishop

Directors regrets: Margo Karda, Joe Fournier, Andrew Hibbert

Members present: Ted Halwa, Nigel Howcroft, Wendy Cowie, Rowena Williams


1) Call to Order and Welcome

a) Members were welcomed by Linda Easton.

2) Treasurer’s Report – Harry Bishop

a) Harry reported $3267.27 in the account.

3) Business

a) Silo Update

i) Dan McNeil emailed that Central Elgin has not yet made a decision on the silos and has not put out tenders but will within the next few months. This spring the silos will be dismantled, the rebar removed and sold, and the cement further broken down. This fall the debris will be removed and placed in the area at the end of the pier that will become Hofuis Park.

Ted has not yet made application to Richardsons for funding to keep a silo. Ideas for the use of the silo were briefly discussed: climbing wall, apartments etc. It has also been suggested that the dismantling could be tied to a fundraiser. At this point the method of dismantling has not been determined.

b) MNR Fish Inspection Building

i) Brian Locke of MNR has responded to our letter with the news that the ministry will be making repairs and painting the building this spring.

c) Dog Park update

i) Harry contacted the owners of the property, Ultramar, who said they will assess and determine if they will build or allow a dog park. The area is on Catherine St. at the corner of Warren St., south east of the bridge. The Lions Club has committed $5000 towards the project.

d) Richardsons Building

i) Dave McCarthy has emailed Lloyd Perrin, Dan McNeil and Linda Easton re the Richardson office building asking if it could be put to use as perhaps a Stork Club Museum or to replace the MNR fish inspection building. He has had little to no response. It was suggested he contact Jeff Brooks of Elgin County or partner with another organization such as Elgin County Archives and Museum.

e) Physical Activity List on Website

i) Margo emailed that she has been gathering lists of physical activities happening in Port and it is surprisingly long list. It was suggested that the legion may be willing to set up bocce ball games on the front lawn. The list will be posted on the PSVA website at the beginning of April.

f) DOC Building Signage

i) Dave said he spoke to Heritage Port about their placing an historical plaque on the DOC building but did not get agreement. Elgin County assigns historical plaques. There seemed to be some confusion over what had been requested. The PSVA was suggesting an historical plaque that would describe the origins of the building as a government customs inspection house. The idea of Heritage Port fundraising by selling homeowner’s plaques that would state the original owner of their house was also discussed.

4) New business

a) KCCA Spelling Fundraiser, April 25

i) A few people indicated interest in being part of a team for this event. We need six team members. Any members interested?

ii) Elizabeth Vanhooren sent details on the event:

The Kettle Creek Environmental Trust is organizing SpellBound April 25, 2015. It is a team orientated spelling bee that will help raise funds for wetland creation/restoration in the Kettle Creek watershed.

The spelling bee is entirely meant for fun. The cost is $50 per participant.

Each team of six will be placed at a round table, This allows team members to collaborate on their spelling of each word. There will be rounds of spelling words given. Each round will be based on a different theme. For instance the first round of words may be environmental based, the next round may involve words relative to one of our major sponsors. Your team’s answers will be provided to the judges and then results for each round posted on a screen.

There is a bar, which may help/hinder the spelling! Teams are encouraged to come up with a snazzy team name. We already have the Spellicans registered. And, if you are really game, there will be prizes for the best named team and possibly the best dressed team.· There will also be a Silent Auction of some really great items like Opera tickets!

We can supply charitable receipts for the team registration.

Jeff Yurek’s office, KCCA, Elgin Chrysler, Knights of Columbus, and Weekly News are already registered.

b) Public School Clean Up Day, April 16

i) Some people will attend the clean up. There was discussion about snacks for the students since the Wharf is no longer there to provide food. Nigel mentioned that the Lions Club has funded $100 for food for the event.

c) Work on the Berm

i) Andrew wrote an article in the Lake Erie Beacon about the work happening on the berm. The major task is to eliminate the tall grasses there that are an invasive species that prevent native plants like cattails and do not support native wildlife. As well, Central Elgin is getting the site ready for future development. Some trees have been removed as well and there was discussion about the destructive use of tree trimmers that leave unsightly limbs raggedly hanging from the trunks of trees.

d) Teamwork

i) At present PSVA has a reliable website master, treasurer and membership monitor but the roles of vice president and secretary need more reliable attendance. If Linda cannot attend a meeting, no meeting happens

ii) A committed vice president is badly needed so one person doesn’t have a lot of pressure, especially when it is a volunteer organization. New people are needed for these positions. The PSVA has developed into a respected organization that liaises with various organizations and government bodies on behalf of the village to carry out the mssion outlined at the top of these minutes. We need other villagers to come forward to help.

e) Port Sidewalks

i) Harry expressed concern over the state of snow removal and the sidewalks. He said snow removal was better this year than last but complained that it was not always done properly. William St was vey bad. It was suggested Harry compose a letter to Central Elgin on behalf of the PSVA recognizing slip and fall issues.

f) French Immersion at Port Stanley Public School

i) About 240 French Immersion students will be attending PSPS in September. Dave suggested we put together a “welcome back to school” package for students in September. He will contact the principal and speak to the BIA to see if it can include coupons and other goodies for both students and their parents.

ii)Signage on the 401

There isn’t a sign along the 401 at the Wellington exit to indicate that is the way to get to Port Stanley. This could be the result of the construction currently going on. This will be investigated as there should be some mention that Port Stanley is south of the 401.


Adjournment 8:40