1.Call to Order and Welcome

Members were all welcomed by Linda Easton to the meeting. She announced that there will be a new PSVA website soon. PSVA member, Dave McKee, has been building the site.


2. Treasurer’s Report – Harry Bishop

Harry Reported that the PSVA has $3178.92 in the bank. There were 2 deposits made this year of $90 in January and $280.92 in Feb. Harry also asked that any money collected be given to him directly so he can keep track of what is coming in and out of the account.·



a.··· Accessibility/signage

Andrew Hibbert discussed his concern with the lack of accessibility in Port Stanley. He will be investigating Central Elgin’s role and the actions necessary to improve the situation.

······ Andrew presented a proposed entrance sign to Port Stanley. During the discussion it was pointed out that the entrance into town is very cluttered with signs. The PSVA·had discussed the new signage 2 years ago and it was taken to the BIA·last year for support. The BIA has supported this sign along with the Lions Club.·PSVA is hoping to have approval in the next year for this.·The estimated cost for the signage is about $5000.00.·


During the discussion it was pointed out that:

- the Fisherman’s Memorial sign gives no indication of location.

- There needs to be a sign directing people to the beach from the harbour parking area

- The Lake Erie trail signs refer to bike trails not walking trails

- The new entrance sign should have a media image associated with Port Stanley


c.····Dog Park

·······Harry has been looking at many options for a dog park in Port Stanley. He has a possible site on Catherine St., which he will know more about by March. Harry said that the Lion's Club would donate money towards a dog park. Harry is also looking into a beach area for the dogs.


d.····Lighthouse – Linda

·······The Federal Government is divesting itself of most lighthouses. The PSVA collected signatures and sent them on to Central Elgin and Parks Canada/Fisheries and Oceans to begin the transfer of Port Stanley’s lighthouse to Central Elgin. The lighthouse has lead paint, which needs to be eliminated before it is approved for transfer.

e.····Election of directors

·····The new board of directors is made up of Andrew Hibbert, Margo Karda, Darcy Taylor-Vedova, Harry Bishop, David McCarthy, Joe Fournier, Janet Kennedy and Linda Easton


········ 4. ···· New Business

f.·····Silos – Ted Halwa

········Ted presented his vision of keeping one silo as a prominent tower that could be seen from a distance by boaters and public. He proposed an observation deck on the top and possibly a café at the bottom for people to enjoy.

······ Issues were brought up about accessibility to the top, which would require the cost of a elevator and also the cost of maintaining the structure itself. Central Elgin Council will be voting on this in December or January.·


g.··· Port Stanley Public School

······· Sheila Pinder, principal of the Port Stanley Public School, gave an overview of the situation. She described the wide variety of services offered in the school with its access to all the services Thames Valley DSB has available.

There were two rumours she put to rest. The rumor of the school closing is not an issue at this point. She has had no indication of school closure but there will be a normal 5 year review happening in a year. Sheila is requesting an expansion of the school boundaries.

The other rumour is that the board is no longer maintaining the school but she said that the school is being well maintained and has been newly painted with·new blinds replacing old curtains in classrooms and repairs are being made to a washroom.

········Sheila said she is happy to be in a school so very well taken care of and with a supportive staff. The classes are small which gives the teachers a chance to know the children and their needs. There are many musical instruments for the children to use and 10 new iPads were bought for the students this year.

····Sheila said that students from the new Mitchell Hepburn subdivision will be bussed to Port Stanley for school. The school now has 85 students but can accommodate about 350.

Linda Easton mentioned that the school has the advantage of being next door to an arena, having town water and sewers, and within walking distance of possible field trips to the Port Stanley Railway Terminal, the fire hall, the library, lake and river. Also, security is not a problem because teachers are well aware of all students.

h.····Central Elgin Council –

·······Councilor Dan McNeil reminded us that the $13.5 million transferred from the federal government to Central Elgin is targeted for infrastructure in the harbour only. The government audits Central Elgin yearly. If that money is not spent within 20 years, it will revert to the federal government. The west breakwater repairs will be about $2.2 million.


The $1 1/2 million in interest the money has earned will pay for the demolition of the silos, which will cost $600,000. The interest will also pay the $300,000 for the proposed public boat launch. The silos have to be demolished in pieces that can be used as the dredgiate for the area to the east of the west pier that will eventually become the Sylvia Hofhuis Park. This will be cheaper than creating a standard dredgate cell.

Dan pointed out that the decision on leaving a silo standing has to be made quickly because council will be voting on it in either December or January. Any improvement to be made on the silos would have to come from either the interest or private investment.


The federal government is still working on the risk assessment for the berm. Ontario’s environmental standards are much higher than those of the federal government and so they have to meet those standards. The federal government appears to be fulfilling their obligations.


The meeting was adjourned at 9 PM