1. Welcome and introductions: Eric

2. Treasurer’s Report: Eric

Harry was not present. Eric advised that the association had approximately $3000 in the bank.

3. President’s and Committee Member Reports:

a. Harbour: Nigel Howcroft reported on recent developments concerning the environmental assessment, the Engineers' report concerning the west breakwater, the Harbour Vision Committee and the performance of the divestiture fund.

On the environmental assessment, the PSVS plans to embark on a campaign to bring the issue to the forefront and advocates a negotiated solution to any issues that remain following the submission of DCS report in the spring.

The Wolsey Parsons report has not been released to the public.

The HVC has not met since June.

The divestiture fund has grown to $14.5 million as of May.

Nigel's notes of his presentation are available upon request.

b. Heritage Conservation District: Nigel Howcroft reported that the steering committee established by council met in October and plans to scale back the HCD concept so that its boundaries extend only to core areas of the village on the east side and so that the substantive provisions of the HCD are flexible rather than strict.

Nigel's notes of his presentation are available on request.

c. Active projects: Eric

4. Nominations for and election of President, other officers and directors: Janet

Returning directors re-elected: Eric Salin-President, Joe Fournier-Vice-President, Harry Bishop-Treasurer, Nigel Howcroft, Linda Easton, Mary Eccles, Janet Kennedy, Dave McCarthy, Andrew Hibbert.

New directors elected: Margo Karda, Darcy Vedova.

5. Membership Drive: Janet reported that we have over 150 members.

6. Question and answer period with Ward 1 councillor, Dan McNeil, Issues addressed include environmental assessment, wetlands, the Little Creek Park, and the role of the PSVA.

7. Any other business: various

8. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at about 8:45.