Directors Present: Linda Easton, Andrew Hibbert, Dave McCarthy, Joe Fournier, Nigel Howcroft, Darcey Taylor-Vedova, Margo Karda

Directors’ Regrets: Janet Kennedy,Harry Bishop, Mary Eccles, Mike Karda

Members: Cynthia DeWitt , Jean Strickland, Dan McNeil

1) Treasurer`s report: Harry Bishop was absent but did inform Linda of the amount that is in the bank. $3,215.68.

2) KCCA Partnership: PSVA agreed to be a part of an application for funding from Trillium. The focus of the grant is to prevent erosion along the waterway. Awaiting approval

3) Shoreline Walk: No new Information. The MPP who sponsored the bill has stepped down.

4) Spring Clean Up: PSVA will partner with the school for this clean up. Awaiting a date.

5) HCD Proposal : On Hold

6) Correspondence Re: (Stench from Tanks): It was agreed by other directors and members that there is a smell. Nigel forwarded an email for people to send complaints and concerns to. jgardner@mcasphaly.com or Kanina.Blanchard@ontario.ca

7) Town Signage: Agreed by directors and members to give BIA $250 for signage but to also have Andrew submits his drawings to them. Linda will send a letter to the BIA.

New Business:


Dance at School: Nigel wants to use the school gym for dance lessons. Nigel approached the school and is looking into the insurance. It was voted that PSVA will support Nigel in this. He will find out if it is cheaper to use board insurance or be covered under the PSVA insurance.

Dan McNeil’s Report To PSVA: Dan reported on the latest meeting of the Habour VisionCommittee.

Berm Work: will hopefully start in 2016. The present environmental report will not be completed by the deadline but must be submitted to the MOE and so another delay.


Dredging: 1 Million has been approved for this, but Dan said that the harbor is only bad in certain spots. A wall will be built from the breakwater to create an area to place the dredging. This will eventually become parkland south of the MacAsphalt tanks.

Breakwater Repair: $500,000 The breakwater will be reinforced but the walkway will be completed later.

Public Boat Launch: $200,000 There will be 2 public boat launches being put back in.

East Walkway Extension: $100,000 An improved walkway to be put along the east side of harbor so people can walk along the harbor and see the fishing tugs.