Directors Present: Dave McCarthy, Andrew Hibbert, Linda Easton, Janet Kennedy

Directors Regrets: Joe Fournier, Darcy Vedova, Harry Bishop, Margo Karda

Members: Hans and Minda Neyer, Wendy MacMillan, Ted Halwa, Dan McNeil, Nigel Howcroft



a. Linda Easton, president, called the meeting to order at 7pm and welcomed all attendees

2. Treasurer`s report:

a. Harry Bishop, treasurer, sent regrets.

3. Business

a. Signage on 401

i. Linda contacted Green Signs at MTO and was told there is a possibility of getting signage at Highway 401 and 4 due to new construction.

b. Fishermen’s Memorial Committee

i. Andrew and Dave met with Lloyd Perrin to inquire about the Fisherman’s Memorial sign along Sunset Rd. It is not clear whose property it is on. Lloyd will investigate and report to the committee. The memorial is on the agenda for next council meeting. Dan McNeil said it will probably be accepted and referred to staff for budgeting. Andrew was commended for the good report.

c. Silo Update

i. Linda reported that she wrote a letter to portstanleynews.com pointing out that the Central Elgin report on the silo referred to the PSVA in error as part of the proposal but PSVA had not sanctioned the project. It was Linda as a private citizen that initiated the proposal to John Kudelka to make the silo a climbing tower. In her letter she referred to Heritage Port as a supporter of the project but, in fact, they never officially support it. Linda sent a letter of apology to Heritage Port for the error.



d. Annual General Meeting for November

i. The annual general meeting was set for November 26. Various topics that have been discussed over the year were reviewed and the people involved with those topics will present.

Other Business

Dan McNeil discussed the new East Road development. He also pointed out that, despite advertising, the public meeting re the need to upgrade sewage capacity did not have any attendees from the public. The county has passed on all issues to Central Elgin re the development on East Road.

Hofhuis Park will cost $3 million.

The Breakwater will be closed November 1.

Dan is on the Active Elgin committee

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm