Directors Present:

Janet Kennedy, Andrew Hibbert, Fred Heinz, Gail Lamb, Wendy MacMIllan, Dave McCarthy


Doug Chateauneuf, Linda Easton, Harry Bishop, Bruce Fox


Mark Evans, Jeff Margetts, Dan McNeil, Patricia Fryer, Agnes VerHoeven, Nigel Howcroft, Lisa Metcalfe, Minda Neyer, Mel and Eileen Timmons

Non Members:

Patricia Fryer



Janet Kennedy, president, called the meeting to order at 7pm and welcomed all attendees


2. Treasurer`s report:

Harry Bishop, treasurer, was not in attendance but Janet reported that there was $6178.25 in the account with $3500 of that dedicated to the entry signage for Port Stanley.

3. Current Business

a. Updates

I. Andrew is waiting to hear back from Lloyd Perrin at Central Elgin re the suggested location of the sign for the entrance to Port Stanley. Then it must go to Elgin County for confirmation and agreement since Sunset is a County Road. Andrew will keep following up

II. Michelle at the Coffee House has agreed to keep the key for the community sign so that people can post there and is ok with the location. Andrew will put together a plan and budget for the sign and also get the approval of the building owner since Michelle is a tenant. A suggestion was made that maybe a handy member of the PSVA could build it to save costs Janet will pursue that.

III. Dave McCarthy has been communicating with Community Policing and has done two traffic surveys himself on the North (80 kph limit) and South (50 kph limit) ends of East Rd. Although in the 80 kph limit there were a number of people going 90 and 100kph and a couple even higher, there were a greater number of people going over the limit in the 50 kph zone. More studies are needed and Dave will meet with Mark Evans, who volunteered to help. Further volunteers willing to help should speak to Dave. Once enough studies are done to show that speeding is an issue, the OPP can be asked to help with enforcement.

IV. PSPS will have more students in the Fall of 2016 so traffic speed on Carlow may become a bigger issue. Dave reported that discussions about lowering the speed limit are ongoing – Dave will continue to report on this issue at future meetings.


b. Membership

Wendy reported continued modest growth. She would like to send another targeted email to lapsed members and will do so for the July meeting when we have a special speaker. The membership brochure is out of date and Andrew is handling updates and getting it reprinted so that it can be distributed to local businesses. Wendy provided him with updates.


c. Highway signage

Linda Easton has re-sent the PSVA letter requesting ne signage at Highway 4 to Dave Marr and Council but has had no response as yet.



4. New Business

Dan McNeil was asked if he had any updates to provide as our Councillor. and in response to questions, provided the following information

I. Dan has no specific knowledge of a redesign submission from Prespa for the condominium building but expects it will come at some point

II. Steven Carr and Dennis Crevitz are on the committee overseeing the design of the new Port Stanley fire hall but the committee will not be meeting until the new Fire Chief is on board. Interviews are still taking place.

III. Transport Canada put out tenders for the harbour remediation but will need to update them as a result of requests for clarification from potential bidders during the tender and site visit process. This is delaying the process.

IV. More concrete work is being planned for Hofhuis Park and there are tenders out. There will be a walking bridge added from the boat launch to Hofhuis, expected to arrive in August. In response to a question from a member, Dan reported that expenditures to date for Hofhuis Park are around 1.5 million but this is offset by savings on disposing of the dredgeate from the harbour if the park was not being created.

V. Negotiations with a potential tenant for the DOC building continue and are confidential. CE is focused on finding a tenant and an arrangement that will enhance the harbour.

VI. CE is cognizant that parking must be handled as well as possible during the harbour remediation – it is needed for the theatre and the other businesses in the village

VII. A resident of First Street asked Dan how to best handle the fact that it is not a through street but is being used as such by some people. Dan suggested contacting Physical Services (contact info on CE web site) by email and attaching photos of the current set up to assist in resolving this.





Next meeting is July 14th at 7pm at The Breakfast Place (formerly Roxy’s)