Directors Present:

 	 	Janet Kennedy, Wendy


Regrets: Harry Bishop, Gail Lamb,


Members:  Councilor Dan McNeil,



Janet Kennedy, president, called the meeting to order and welcomed all attendees


1.2 Treasurer`s report:

Harry Bishop, treasurer, was not in attendance but Janet reported that the amount remains the same as last time: $2755.53 in the PSVA account with another $3500 dedicated to the entry signage for Port Stanley.


1.3 Current Business

a.a Updates

a.I Highway Signage at 401 and 4: Linda reported that the project engineer had replied to her email and said the request for including Port Stanley on the sign was referred to the traffic department for discussion. She will get back to us by the end of next week.

b.II Letter to CE re cement barriers on First and Fourth: Dave McCarthy was not in attendance but an earlier discussion of directors referred back to the minutes where the original request was made. The resident called for better placement of the barriers to prevent cars from passing through. That problem has been corrected. Further discussion of installing a gate to allow emergency vehicles to pass through led to the decision to invite the fire chief to the next meeting so he could answer the safety issue.

c.III Dog Park – Ted Halwa requested a committee to investigate a possible dog park for Port Stanley. Peter Woloshyn, Gail Lamb and Janet Dwyer volunteered to be on the committee. Dan McNeil stated that Main Beach could not be a dog beach but offered to be on the committee as well. Past PSVA minutes include some results of an earlier discussion on the topic.

d.IV DOC Building: Ted Halwa sent an email to Lloyd Perrin requesting permission to visit the DOC building to assess possible uses. The committee includes Ted, Gail Lamb, Linda Easton and Peter Woloshyn. Mr. Perrin denied the request saying CE was looking for long term tenants. It was suggested that Ted contact council for permission. It was proposed that the DOC building house the Stork Club Museum. Central Elgin will soon be putting out a request for proposals to seek out possible businesses to lease the building. Ted proposes to offer CE concepts and possibilities along with financial projections.


a. 4. New Business

b.a Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workplace Planning: Janet met with the Elgin Project Oficer in charge of EMOWP, which is funded by the federal and provincial governments to assist employers to improve employment possibilities and provide training for employees. There is a questionnaire for employers and consumers to complete. It was agreed that the representative should be invited to the October meeting. She would bring back results of the questionnaires at the annual general meeting. It was decided to invite Michelle and the BIA to the October meeting. Janet will email her.

c.b AGM: The annual general meeting will be November 10 at the legion. It was suggested that Principal Sheila Pinder, the EMO employment representative and a member of the new fire hall committee be invited to speak.

d.c Erie Rest: Wendy MacMillan expressed concern about the lack of warning flags, lifeguards and the danger of boats and seadoos in the swimming area of Erie Rest beach. The beach is becoming more crowded but lacks adequate parking. Dan McNeil stated the beach is regularly tested by the health department but has had no pollution all summer unlike Main Beach. Main Beach is more dangerous than the other beaches because it is susceptible to undertows and coliform. Dan McNeil explained that there have been lifeguards on Main Beach historically, which is why they are still there but no lifeguards will be introduced to the other beaches. The lifeguards cost $250,000 per year, which is now offset by parking fees. CE has no jurisdiction over the water so there are no buoys or ropes. Seadoos and boats are by law to stay 300 yards offshore and go only 10 km per hour. The OPP are responsible for policing this, not CE. The health department does post signs when there is contamination. Dan stated that Erie Rest needs to be developed and have more parking.


a.d Dan McNeil Report:

1.1 Wastell, a family business has bought the land on the north side of George Street for development. It will have multi purpose units and may include a campground. There will be a public meeting to discuss the plan.

2.2 Prespa is looking at alternatives to the nine story building but there is no proposal yet. There will be public meetings again.

3.3 The removal of contaminants at the berm and DOC building requires diggig 1 metre below the water table. Then time is allowed for the LANPL contaminants to rise to the surface. A third party engineering company oversees the project and must approve all the work. After completion, wells are used to monitor the area for another 6 months. Dan commented that environmental contracts are very risky because they are so unpredictable and could be two to four times the cost.


The meeting was adjourned.


The next PSVA meeting will be Thursday, October 13 at the Port Stanley Legion.