Directors Present: Andrew Hibbert, Linda Easton, Janet Kennedy, Fred Heinz, Gail Lamb, Wendy MacMillan, Bruce Fox, Dave McCarthy

Regrets: Doug Chateauneuf, Harry Bishop

Members: Bob Halle, Sharron Russell, Mark Evans, Sally Martyn, John and Wendy Sim, Cynthia and Brian Petts, Jeff Margetts, Brion Lumley, Ted Halwa, Dan McNeil, Patricia Fryer, Harold Parker, Peter Woloshyn, Greg Selway, Lisa Metcalfe, Donna Heintz, Hugh Oliver, Ray Murdoch, Mark Evans plus two illegibles.

Non Members: Agnes VerHoeven,



a. Janet Kennedy, president, called the meeting to order at 7pm and welcomed all attendees

2. Treasurer`s report:

a. Harry Bishop, treasurer, was not in attendance.

3. Business

a. Port Stanley Signage

1. Andrew Hibbert reported that the signage is waiting for approval for a location by Central Elgin and Elgin County.

b. Community Bulletin Board

1. Andrew reported this would provide a public area to post information behind protective glass. The location chosen is on the side of the Coffee House on Main St. Michelle Fournier is willing to maintain the site. It was suggested that a section of the bulletin board be used for commercial postings that could be charged for advertising.

c. Community Yard Sale

1. Ted Halwa reported that the DOC building is not available for rent for the May 24 weekend. Transport Canada is supposed to be digging out polluted soil in the area between the DOC building and the bridge (although no tenders have been posted) and Central Elgin is in negotiation for a potential long term rental of the building. Ted will explore alternatives.

d. Fire Plan

1. Wendy, in answer to members’ concerns, has arranged for Dave Marr and Sally Martyn to present on the Master Fire Plan at the PSVA May meeting.

e. Dan McNeil Reported on a number of Items

1. Fire Plan – Under the new plan the lifeguards will be under the jurisdiction of the fire department rather than parks and recreation. Both fire fighters and lifeguards have been trained in water rescue and so a unified command structure is reasonable. A rescue boat was bought last year and will be parked at Hofhuis Park.

2. The Port Stanley Lighthouse is now owned by Central Elgin who have negotiated $$65,000 from Fisheries and Oceans for repairs. The lighthouse is a designated heritage structure.

3. Central Elgin has been pressuring Transport Canada to complete work this summer but no contracts are out at this date. Kate Young, representing Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, came to view the site. They need to remove soil from two spots, one between the DOC building and the bridge and the other at the base of the hill on the berm. Pedestrians will be redirected along Carlow Road to the end of the DOC building.

4. Prespa’s nine storey building has been voted down but there is no new proposal at this point. A new proposal would mean the public process would begin again. Central Elgin does have a concern that William Street be upgraded. Members suggested parkland at the intersection but it is still private land. Prespa showed no interest in the idea of an exchange of the Central Elgin parking area with the corner property. Gail Lamb asked about the traffic problems and suggested a road going around McAsphalt. Others asked about height restrictions like those in Collingwood. Central Elgin has such restrictions but exceptions can be requested.

5. The Harbour Vision Committee will probably be reinstated in the fall to plan for the Berm development.

6. The Dominion of Canada (DOC) building has a good business interested in leasing it long term. If negotiations go well, they will probably take over the building in July or August.

7. Traffic speeding is an issue on East and Carlow Roads. Central Elgin is in discussion with the OPP. More students will be attending in September and so flashing lights and speed reduction signs are being considered. Community Policing discusses this and meets the second Tuesday of each month at the community policing office in the medical clinic. Dave McCarthy is a member.

8. Central Elgin has been discussing making William Street one way. McAsphalt has a limited time to remain in business in Port Stanley. The big tank, which sits partly on Central Elgin land, is now empty. If Central Elgin owns the property, they could change access to Carlow Road.

9. Stan’s Marina was discussed because it is an eyesore but Central Elgin can do nothing about a building unless it presents a danger to the public. It was suggested that there be a bylaw change to include appearance.

10. Edith Cavell Boulevard will be widened by 16 feet and will become an actual boulevard with a landscaped area down the center of the street. It was suggested that Ted Halwa show PSVA the architectural drawings of the plan he has done for Central Elgin. Dan was asked why Why Not Park needs to be reduced in size. Dan referred to traffic flow but the idea of faster traffic was questioned. The water lines that will be installed will cost $1.3 million

11. To improve the boat launch, $240,000 will be spent to lengthen the pier at the end of the walkway in order to reduce wave action. There are also rocks positioned to reduce the waves. As well, there will be a bridge built from the west of the boat launch to Hofhuis Park. At present they have to climb the jetty to get out of their boats but a concrete apron will be constructed so they can tie their boats and then walk over the bridge. The walkway must be suitable for wheelchairs and walkers and so will eventually be paved. There will be safety railings on the harbour side. Dan mentioned that Brian Riggs, the engineering contractor brings many new and innovative ideas to their construction.

12. Hofhuis Park will be the sesquicentennial project for 2017 but public meetings will be held to discuss the design. At present the dredgate is being left to settle.

13. Proper safety glass will be installed along the pier.

14. On the Berm the dredgate behind the fence is not contaminated. Transport Canada will be digging a large hole between Orchard Beach and the hill but will maintain an access. Central Elgin will provide fill for the hole from roadwork. Landscaping on the east harbour will accommodate both pedestrians and fisheries.

15. The silo property has been cleaned up. There is no plan for it at present but it does need a site assessment.

16. Truck parking on the berm is not an issue at present but may be terminated later as the area is developed.

17. Central Elgin is developing a policy on garbage problems. The benches are a popular item and the matching garbage receptacles give continuity. New blue and black recycling bins will be installed. At Erie Rest Beach there is a continual problem with dumping

18. Central Elgin has bought a new beach cleaner that sifts better, even picking up cigarette butts. The beach may be declared a ‘no cigarette butt’ area. There can be no smoking within 25 metres of the playground anyway.

19. Central Elgin has received a $2 million grant for modernization of its sewage treatment plant.· Transport Canada will soon dig a hole by the DOC building in order to remove and replace contaminated soil. Once that work is completed the sewage pumping station to the north of the bridge will be removed. A new replacement pump will be installed south of the bridge in part of an area of land known as the “legion parking lot”. With that new pump will come a public washroom, which will be constructed on top.

20. Spawning areas are being created by Hofhuis Park with carefully placed tree stumps.

xxi. It was noted that an historical district would have prevented the Prespa proposal. Someone mentioned that Prespa may be buying along Colborne Street. It was suggested that PSVA survey people again. 98 houses were sent the earlier survey but only 36 responded and most of those were along Colborne Street and negative. Central Elgin has already paid for most of the costs involved in the historical district. They would just need to redo the maps.


New Business

Village Clean Up

Port Stanley Public School students are taking part in a clean up of the village on April 22 along with KCCA and Central Elgin. They will begin at 2 PM. PSVA will supply snacks. Members are invited to take part and an email will be sent with details.


Wendy proposed holding an event such as a dance or other fun event to raise funds for PSVA. PSVA has spent funds on a number of projects such as the Prespa response, rejuvenating the DOC building, reclaiming the lighthouse, Harbourfest, and the banner on the DOC building. Members were not enthusiastic about holding an event but suggested instead selling T-shirts and mugs, a lottery, raising dues or asking for donations.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:35