MINUTES of PORT STANLEY VILLAGE ASSOCIATION - 7:00 pm Thursday February 11, 2016

31 people were in attendance including Councilor Dan McNeil and Mayor David Marr.



a. Linda Easton, past president, called the meeting to order at 7:15pm and welcomed all attendees

2. Treasurer`s report:

a. The balance is at $4458.91.

3. Business

a. Port Stanley Victoria Day Yard Sale

i. Ted Halwa, proposed putting vendors into the DOC building because it would offer shelter if it should rain. Tables would be sold at $10. The DOC building is $200 per day and advertising would be an added cost. It was agreed that, if the DOC building is available, and if Ted forms a committee to organize the day, PSVA will fund the project to a maximum of $400.

b. Prespa Proposal

i. Ted explained that PSVA has organized a committee to analyse, comment and make recommendations on the Prespa proposal. The committee includes a lawyer, architect, landscape architect and municipal planner.

A lively discussion ensued:

1. A public meeting will be held at the arena at 7 PM on March 1 to discuss the requested change to the bylaw. An open information session will happen prior to the presentation. Anyone can speak for or against the zoning change. The report from the planner is posted on the Central Elgin website. Council must make a decision within 120 days from the filing of the application.

a. Mayor Marr pointed out that there will be a sign-in sheet and only those who speak at the meeting or send an email or letter to Central Elgin on the issue will be able to speak at an OMB meeting should the issue go to that level. Concerns can be sent to Diane Wilson at Central Elgin.

b. Candy Hayward questioned adherence to the bylaws. There are traffic and green space concerns.

c. Dan McNeil pointed out that, if people choose to present the choice as a nine storey building or no building at all, we would lose at the OMB. Prespa owns the property and so is allowed to build something on it. People need to present a reasonable compromise.

d. The municipality can put a temporary freeze on development but after that little change can be guaranteed. Dan pointed out that Central Elgin is a lower tier government with no planning staff and so uses St. Thomas' chief planner. He pointe dout that variances are a normal part of business.

e. The question of Central Elgin swapping its parking area was discussed. This would give Prespa south facing units and put the building against the hill. Mayor Marr said it would reduce parking areas.

f. The format of the meeting will allow people to line up to speak after Prespa’s presentation. Keep responses detailed and factual rather than emotional. The height and density are the main zoning issues. A projector will be there to allow for showing power point and pictures. Let Central Elgin know the needs prior to the meeting.

g. Central Elgin is in the midst of creating a new master fire plan. A quint is needed. A sprinkler system is an alternative to a fire department being unable to reach the height.

h. A request for an open meeting prior to the public meeting was made. It was agreed that Ted Halwa would contact Prespa and Linda Easton would contact Jim McCoomb to ask them to attend an information meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:20.