MINUTES of PORT STANLEY VILLAGE ASSOCIATION - 7:00 pm Thursday March 11, 2016

Board Members in attendance: Wendy MacMillan, Dave McCarthy, Andrew Hibbert, Gail Lamb, Fred Heintz, Doug Chateauneuf

Regrets: Janet Kennedy, Linda Easton, Harry Bishop, Bruce Fox

25 people in attendance

1. Call to Order

a. Wendy called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm and welcomed all attendees. She thanked Doug for agreeing to take the minutes


2. Treasurer’s Report

a. N/A – Harry Bishop not in attendance


3. Current Business

a. Public Meeting – Prespa Development

i. Wendy thanked the committee that worked on the PSVA proposal.

Attendees gave a round of applause.

ii. Wendy asked for feedback from those who attended the public meeting.

All those that attended were impressed with the balanced, polished and professional presentation given by the PSVA

iii. Wendy mentioned that the Central Elgin Fire Master Plan was presented to Council at the end of February and could impact the Village. The Board is trying to arrange a fire master plan presentation at a future PSVA meeting. Attendees were very interested

iv. A major concern raised by those who attended the public meeting was that waste water management in Port is not being addressed by council. Wendy mentioned that the Central Elgin website would have updated information regarding this.

v. Candy Hayward was concerned about council approving applications for minor variances, etc. and not knowing when applications had been made. She asked about the possibility of a PSVA committee being formed and dedicated to this. Several attendees felt that getting involved in individual appeals was inappropriate and Wendy suggested it was not part of the PSVA mission. To help members stay informed, a link to the Central Elgin website/portal will be included as information in the next e-mail to the membership so that Candy and others can check themselves when variances are being requested.

vi. The question of swapping properties was raised. Some attendees were concerned that this was not mentioned in the PSVA proposal. Nigel addressed this by mentioning that the PSVA stayed focused on the property at hand for now.

vii. A question was raised regarding our next step. The PSVA board will contact Central Elgin and get a clear understanding of what we can and should expect going forward and will ask Dan McNeil to let them know when the by law change is next on the agenda at a planning meeting. Even though holding another public meeting may not be required, the board will specifically ask CE to review any proposed changes re the design with the PSVA before making a decision.

b. Archiving Materials – Prespa Submission

i. Wendy stated that she will hold all pertinent information and material in a central location in case this goes to the OMB..

c. Honorarium

i. Gail requested an honorarium for the person who produced the graphics used in the PSVA proposal. It was agreed that $200.00, along with an appropriate card (Gail will obtain) be given. Treasurer to provide a cheque to Gail when she provides the full name of the recipient

d. Yard Sale – Dominion Bldg. – Victoria Day Weekend

e. Ted not in attendance. Wendy mentioned that the Dominion building is not available. In a previous meeting, Mayor Dave Marr mentioned the possibility of a long term tenant for that building. Dave McCarthy mentioned that the Legion parking lot will soon be a construction zone.

f. Membership Growth

i. Wendy mentioned that the PSVA, needs the support of people in Port Stanley. The question was asked, how do we resurrect lapse membership? A group is needed to call lapsed members and mail membership forms out to them. Wendy to look into direct mail program offered through Can. Post. Reprints of brochures on order through Andrew.


4. New Business

a. Fundraising

i. Doug asked for fundraising ideas. Andrew mentioned some success with a yard sale, dance and rain barrels. Other ideas included: raffles, maps, t-shirts and hats. Fundraising will be discussed at the next meeting. Funds would be used to pay incidentals for the PSVA – also see Andrew’s suggestion under New Business

b. Other New Business

i. Mark mentioned that vehicle speed is a concern on East, Carlow and Sunset. Dave mentioned that portable speed tracking signs are available. Board to send a letter to the Ontario Provincial Police requesting assistance and for speed indication signs to be rotated through the village. Copy C.E. Council and Community Policing.

ii. Candy asked if we could get students involved in the designing of community spaces and buildings that would be appropriate for Port Stanley? Dave mentioned that this was done in the past with Fanshawe College. No decision was made about this at this meeting, although comments were made about whether this would result in any designs being used by developers. For future discussion perhaps.

iii. Nigel mentioned that the Harbour Vision Committee should be reactivated by CE in order to continue work on a vision for Port Stanley. Wendy wondered whether the nature of the Harbour Vision Committee would allow the vision to encompass the entire Village,.not just the harbour. An update from Dan McNeil would be appreciated – see below.

Nigel asked if the PSVA sends meeting notices to former members…should we? Wendy responded that we haven’t been, in order to provide a benefit of membership. She is planning on sending another lapsed membership follow up specifically referencing the Prespa submission to CE.

iv. Andrew mentioned that the Lions Club use bingo as a fundraising activity. The board could consider inviting a representative to a future meeting to discuss this program. With dollars raised through fundraising, PSVA could also sponsor activities in Port. Activities such as train rides for kids and school trips to Port Stanley. Dave mentioned the idea of a Port Stanley Ambassador Program. Candy mentioned that we should have a community bulletin board in a central location. These ideas to be discussed at future meetings.

v. The PSVA board to specifically invite Dan McNeil to the April meeting. Items to be addressed by Dan include: Prespa, Harbour Vision Committee, Dominion Bldg., McAsphalt.

5. Adjournment


Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.