Call to Order: Janet Kennedy welcomed everyone and gave a summary of the association’s activities over the past year. There were about 50 people in attendance.

Board of Directors Present: Janet Kennedy, Andrew Hibbert, Linda Easton, Dave McCarthy, Wendy McMillan. Harry Bishop and Gail Lamb

Treasurer’s Report: Harry Bishop reported approximately $2500 in funds available after present financial commitments for signage are met.

New Fire Station and Services: Fire Chief Chris McDonough gave an overview of services provided in the Municipality. There are presently 106 fire fighters including 3 women. He described his experience in other municipalities in Ontario who used primarily volunteers and has to deal with issues of being on water. There was a question requesting the Concrete Barriers at 1st street be removed and replaced with gates. He commented that it seemed a reasonable request.

Membership Update: Wendy McMillan reported that at the start of the year we had 100 members. At the beginning of the meeting there were 118. 10 additional people /families joined during the meeting bringing total membership to 128. Membership is important so that when the association takes a position on an issue, it is with the support of a substantial number of community who are members.

Signage: Andrew Hibbert reported on the signage. The sign at the entry to Port is ready to be implemented once a location is accepted by the municipality. A sign to be located next to the boat launch Bessemer dock sign will give a history of the dock.

Public School: Linda Easton reported as the principal was unable to attend the meeting to report personally. The school is now operating at full capacity with the addition of French Immersion. They are unable to make use of the arena facility next door because of a 3rd party liability clause in insurance documents that the school board will not sign. Mayor Marr stated that he would be happy to discuss the issue with board officials.

Prespa Response: Linda Easton reviewed the situation to date. Following the community meeting at which PSVA presented a report, a negative outcome for Prespa transpired. A different design will be proposed by Prespa and there will be an opportunity to comment when it is presented by the developer in the future.

Dog Park: Ted Halwa reported on efforts to locate a dog park in the area. Erie Rest was looked at so there would be water available but private ownership would be a hurdle. Use of Little Beach before 9 AM and after 7PM would be a possibility for those who own dogs that like the water. Most promising is the site of the new fire hall Between East Street and Sunset. Because of the shape of the lot (a sloped triangle) there would be land left which is unsuitable for development that would function well as a dog park.


FireHall: The audience was polled. All indicated interest and agreed with Fire Hall location.

17 were for and 14 against relaxing the rules at Little Beach to accommodate dogs.

Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workplace Planning Project: Janet Kennedy gave a brief overview. BIA and PSVA support the initiative. Brochures were available. Those in attendance were asked if they would be willing to complete a short survey for the project. A poll indicated a firm willingness to take part.

Report of Councilor: Dan McNeil reported on issues and goals accomplished in the village. The redevelopment of Edith Cavell was a highlight of his presentation. He acknowledged Sally Martin’s attendance at the meeting in the audience. He also touched on Developer Don West’s partnering with the BIA. Don West is developing Sunset Bluffs.

Westell Developers have purchased property on George Street.

Mayor’s Remarks: Mayor Dave Marr reported on issues. Sewage treatment upgrades were highlighted. The sewage system was reviewed by Stantec and revisions designed. Tenders were called and as a result HIRA (St. Thomas) will be constructing the work. The overall design will reduce the number of lagoons required. It was noted that lagoons do not operate well in winter.

He assured the audience that the school was NOT closing.

The contract has been awarded for the construction of the new building south of the Bridge on the west side of the creek. It will include washrooms, an Elgin County Tourist booth, and space for the rescue ATV.

Approval of Directors: Janet Kennedy, Andrew Hibbert, Linda Easton, Fred Heintz, Dave McCarthy, Harry Bishop, and Gail Lamb were approved as directors.

By-Law Amendment: In order to clarify membership in PSVA Doug Chateauneuf suggested using the postal code to define the Port Stanley boundaries. Moved by Nigel Howcroft that the boundaries of membership eligibility be based on the N5L postal code. Seconded by: Wendy McMillan.

Janet Kennedy moved that the meeting be adjourned at 9.30 PM.