Directors Present: Janet Kennedy, Andrew Hibbert, Gail Lamb, Fred Heinz, Doug Chateauneuf

Regrets: Wendy MacMillan, Linda Easton, Harry Bishop, Dave McCarthy, Bruce Fox

Members: Patricia Pryer, Harold Parker, Dan McNeil, J.L. Margetts, C. Hayward, Mike Karda, Ted Halwa, Nigel Howcroft, Julia Pegache, George Pegache, John Sim, Wendy Sim


1. Call to Order

Janet Kennedy, president, called the meeting to order and gave a warm welcome to all attendees.


2. Treasurer’s Report

Harry Bishop, treasurer, was not in attendance. Janet reported that the amount was (?).


3. Updates and New Business

(a) Highway signage – Janet reported that Linda Easton has been in contact with the MTO, Elgin County, and Central Elgin. No timeline available at this time. Linda will report at a later date.


(b) Dog Beach/Dog Park – Ted Halwa reported that the committee looking into the possibility of a dog beach for Port is now considering a separate dog beach and a separate dog park.


Areas considered for a dog park include: Lawton Park at Union, Ultramar property in Port, and the newly acquired C.E. property at Sunset and East. The C.E. property is the preferred site. This property will be the site for the new fire hall. Location on the site and design of fire hall has not been finalized. A proposed dog park could be considered once site plan for fire hall is completed. Areas considered for a dog beach include: Little Beach, and Erie Rest Beach. The committee has chosen to focus on Little Beach and Erie Rest Beach as locations. A lively discussion took place. Ideas brought forward included lifting the ban on dogs to make these beaches dog friendly, set certain hours to allow dogs on these beaches, have dog stations set up with supplies and hours posted. Mike Karda asked that seasonality be taken into consideration. Ted was asked to put together recommendations prior to AGM. Possible recommendation from PSVA to C.E. in future.


(c) PSVA Residence/Ownership Boundaries – Doug reported that a committee has been formed to look at the issue of boundaries. Committee’s first meeting to take place the week of Oct. 24th. Areas to consider include: full time and part time residents, property ownership, and how individuals who do not live in or own property in Port can still be involved.


(d) PSVA Brochure – Andrew reported that the PSVA brochure is being updated and will be ready to print. The cost of 500 pcs. is approx. $300.00, and 1000 pcs. is approx. $400.00. Members asked that 1000 pcs. be printed. Andrew will order 1000 pcs.


(e) Existing Fire Hall Door Mural – Andrew asked, “Can we save these doors?” A discussion took place. Dan McNeil mentioned that John Morrow (Heritage Port), presented ideas to repurpose the doors. Dan stated that it is on council’s agenda to save the doors for future consideration.


(d) DOC Building – Ted reported that the building is approx. 8000 sq. feet. C.E. has issued RFP’s for this property and has had some interest. Ideas for this space include: a craft brewery, a museum, a casino, and a multi-use centre. A multi-use centre could include art workshops, banquet halls, meeting rooms, etc. A discussion took place. Nigel Howcroft asked about the possibility of the PSVA acquiring further details about the RFP process and/or involvement. Janet to send an email to C.E. requesting RFP process information.


(e) Fund Raising – Candy Hayward asked about PSVA T-shirts, etc., and fund raising ideas. Candy expressed that something could be developed and designed before Summer 2017. Janet asked that this item be brought forward sometime after the AGM.


(f) Membership – Members requested details with regard to what is being done to increase membership. Janet will ask Wendy MacMillan to report on this at the AGM.


(g) Fisherman’s Memorial – Members requested an update on C.E.’s position re: the project. Dan directed members to search the C.E. website for further info.


4. Dan McNeil – Central Elgin Report

Dan reported that C.E. will be hiring a consultant (budget of $200K), to work with C.E. on the Harbour Secondary Plan. PSVA will have representation on the HSP Committee. Dan mentioned that the guardrails have been installed at the boat launch site. Extension of the west pier at the boat launch has been approved. Remediation at the Berm is almost complete. The park bridge is being built and will be arriving soon. Developer Don West, has a rolling stock advertising program featuring Port Stanley attractions on their trucks. Dan also mentioned that a ceremony is being planned for the presentation of the lighthouse to C.E. Janet will email Don Leitch regarding PSVA invitation. Candy asked about the latest information on any new Prespa proposal? Dan reported that a major development including underground infrastructure has started on Edith Cavell Blvd. There has been an exchange between C.E. and Prespa for property around the West and North sides of Why Not Park. Dan indicated that a proposal from Prespa could be forthcoming, and if so, a public meeting would take place.


5. Public School Developing Issue

Janet presented a letter from the Elgin County Warden – Sept.29, 2016 - Re: Elementary Pupil Accommodation Review (proposed). Janet mentioned the district school boundaries and the positive position of Port Stanley School. Dan mentioned that there is an ongoing discussion about all schools in the district. Nigel asked if the principal of PSS, Sheila Pinder, will be invited to the AGM. Janet confirmed that Sheila is invited.


6. Annual General Meeting

Janet mentioned that the PSVA/AGM will be held at the Port Stanley Legion on November 10, 2016 at 7:00 pm. Invitees: new Fire Chief, LEPC Representative, Principal Sheila Pinder, Dan McNeil, Dave Marr, Members of PSVA,and new members are welcome.


Meeting was adjourned.