MINUTES of PORT STANLEY VILLAGE ASSOCIATION - 7:00 pm Thursday, September 17, 2015

Directors Present: Dave McCarthy, Andrew Hibbert, Linda Easton, Janet Kennedy

Directors Regrets: Joe Fournier, Darcy Vedova, Harry Bishop, Margo Karda

Members: Gail Lamb, Wendy MacMillan



a. Linda Easton, president, called the meeting to order at 7pm and welcomed all attendees

2. Treasurer`s report:

a. Harry Bishop, treasurer, sent regrets.

3. Business

a. Signage on 401

i. The signage issue has not been resolved but Linda will contact Jeff Yurek.

b. Fishermen’s Memorial Committee

i. Andrew submitted a report done by committee members Andrew, Dave and Gail. There were a number of recommendations for improvement, which will be presented at the next council meeting. Andrew noted that the recommendations are less intrusive than prior changes to the memorial. It would be appreciated if PSVA members attend the presentation to council on October 12.

c. Silo Update

i. John Kudelka of Junction Climbing presented to council on his proposal for putting one of the harbour silos to use as a vertical experience. The project would involve installing in stages a quick jump, an observation tower, a zip line, a family climbing area at the base and an expert climbing wall. Sally Martyn spoke in favour of the project but other councilors were silent. John was asking that one silo be left in place to give him time to create a detailed business plan. This is not a PSVA initiative but Heritage Port supports preserving one silo. Discussion followed and it was proposed that Linda contact Sally Martyn to discuss the possibility of some cost sharing arrangement between John and Central Elgin.

d. West Breakwater

i. Linda proposed that a letter be sent to Central Elgin to congratulate them on the opening of the repaired breakwater. It was agreed that she compose a letter of congratulations to council. It was noted that vandals had already stolen safety equipment from its place on the pier. It was suggested that cameras be installed.

e. Spring Yard Sale

i. Ted Halwa has proposed that Port Stanley hold a spring yard sale using the DOC building and charging people for tables. There was support for the idea but it was agreed that much more advertising needed to be done to alert Port Stanley residents of the project. Other years few have taken part. Should this be a BIA activity?

f. Succession Plan

i. Janet raised the issue of replacing Linda as president and adding more directors to the board. Gail Lamb agreed to be a director as did Wendy MacMillan but Wendy is unable to attend on the third Thursday of the month and, after discussion, it was agreed to change the meetings to the second Thursday of the month. Other names were also suggested as directors. Janet proposed reconvening the committee of Andrew, Linda and Janet to select and contact possible directors.

g. Village Entry Sign Update

i. Andrew has the contributions of the BIA ($2000) and The Lions ($1500) for the new entry sign, which can now be ordered. Central Elgin has agreed to install the sign. Andrew has done a wonderful job of designing and shepherding the signage. It was suggested a ceremony be held when the sign is erected.

ii. The community group sign was also discussed. It needs to be straightened and some signs renewed or removed. This will be attended to after the entry sign is in place.

Other Business

Harbour Vision Committee

The Harbour Vision Committee needs to be reconvened. Dan McNeil has been advocating for it but PSVA should send a letter of request. The past president was proposed as a PSVA representative on the committee for next year. We need to encourage members to give support.

Heritage District

The Heritage District is still a possibility.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm