Call to Order: Janet Kennedy welcomed everyone.

Board of Directors Present: Janet Kennedy, Linda Easton, Dave McCarthy, Fred Heintz, Andrew Hibbert

Members present: George and Julia Pigache, Wendy Cowie, Ann Coates, Donna Heintz, Anne Sasonow, Jayne Downs, Bill Hudson, Jean Vedova, Mayor Dave Marr, Hugh Oliver, Wendy MacMillan, Janet Dwyer, Mark Evans, Councilor Dan McNeil, Kathy McNeil, Jeff Margetts,

1) Treasurer’s Report: Janet reported $6289.40 in funds and 139 members.

2) Food Trucks:

a) Fred Heintz reported on Central Elgin’s April 27 meeting discussing the proposal to allow food trucks in Port Stanley. There were many food truck representatives, the majority from London. Port Stanley food businesses were in consensus that food trucks do not belong in Port because they do not pay taxes or add to the attractiveness of the village and they would undermine local businesses.

b) Dan McNeil explained that, because CE has opened up the possibility of seasonal vendors in Port, the food vendors naturally applied for the opportunity and Central Elgin is obligated to consider their proposal. The problem at present is that all vendors must set up and tear down each day, which is difficult for food vendors. As well, if they set up every day, they must have health inspections each day. This would be impossible to accomplish so the food truck owners are asking to be allowed to set up for the season and then be inspected like any other restaurant. Food trucks must be 200 metres from established businesses. Vendors are usually charged $600 for the summer, although the parasailer is charged $900 but no fee for food venders has been established as yet and no decision has been made on food trucks but Dan feels it will probably be inevitable. The BIA has remained noncommittal on the issue. Many people are in favour of it. Whatever CE decides affects all of Central Elgin, not just Port Stanley, so it is not an easy decision. Food trucks would be needed when the berm is developed and concerts attracting large crowds are held.

c) The issue of convenience and accessibility was raised and it was suggested that a form of transportation would help to move beach goers to the present business locations. Golf carts or some form of small train could transport tourists with the possibility of it being paid for from parking fees. An objection was raised that this would not encourage people to improve their health through walking.

d) It was suggested that the decision wait until projects under development in Port are completed. The banning of food trucks is an old bylaw that would need to be changed.


3) Senior Living Options:

a) Wendy MacMillan heads a subcommittee with Ruth Heard and Gail Lamb researching accommodation for seniors who want to remain in Port Stanley but no longer want to maintain a home. Wendy reported that they are researching various options, funding, working models, location and designs. She has spoken to the PS Harbour Secondary Plan Team about presenting later in the year.


4) Port Stanley Harbour Secondary Plan:

a) To access the interactive survey about the Harbour Plan on the Central Elgin website go to: https://harbourplan.mysocialpinpoint.com/portstanley#/ Shelley Steffler of Central Elgin reported on the process that will be followed as the harbour plan is developed. At present they are in the planning stage. The representatives of Dillon Engineering met with the public at the Coffee House on Monday and did a walk through the area to get people’s suggestions and comments. From now to November, Central Elgin is encouraging people to offer their suggestions for the development of the harbour. There will be more small meetings and a larger public meeting. The Dillon report is available at http://centralelgin.org/sites/centralelgin.civicwebcms.com/files/media/Final_Harbour Plan_Engagement Plan_Public_March 27.pdf

b) Janet Kennedy is a “member at large” of the Harbour Committee but is committed to representing the views of PSVA. It was suggested the topic be discussed at each meeting.

c) Andrew Hibbert asked about the possibility of a marina for larger craft in the lake. Dave McCarthy pointed out that those who arrive by boat spend more than the average tourist. It was noted that the small town of Erieo is doing well with their marina.

d) Dave Marr pointed out that a marina needs a partner to operate it. Jackson’s handles the majority of American visitors at present. Also, there is the problem of the turning basin that has white caps and surge. The lighthouse pier cannot be extended because that would affect erosion to the east. They could dredge to create a wetland on the east breakwater, which is good for nature. This does not solve the surge but it does make a marina. Consultants say marinas do not make money. It was not clear whether they lose money.

e) Remediation on the berm is not complete because they have some test holes to monitor for a while longer. The berm will be remediated to parkland standard. Residential houses are allowed with added venting which is now standard for all new homes to protect against radon gas.

f) The question of MacAsphalt came up. Dave explained that:

i) MacAsphalt can continue to operate

ii) They can only truck in and out because CE did not renew the pipeline permit

iii) CE will discuss when they are ready to sell

iv) The lease is up on the tank that is on municipal land

v) MacAsphalt taxes are in the $20,000 range and they employ 6 people.

vi) When they leave they must deal with the contaminants. They can continue to do as they will so long as they do not affect adjacent properties

vii) If air pollution is a problem, it is important to report it to the Ministry of the Environment, not Central Elgin. Call the·MOE 24hr Spills Action Centre at 1 800 268 6060, or contact your local MOE·District Office·during regular office hours.·You can also email reports to·moe.tips.moe@ontario.ca·(*put address in the TO: field, not CC:).


5) New Business

a) People are invited to help in the clean up at 2 PM on Thursday April 20 with the Port Stanley Public School students. KCCA will provide bags and pick up. PSVA will provide popsicles. The berm will not be done this year.

b) Dan McNeil reported that the cement replacement boardwalk will be completed for $170,000. It will extend from the present boardwalk around MacAsphalt to the harbour walk and so provide accessibility.

i) The issue of parking tickets came up because some local people received tickets for overnight parking. Dan explained that there is an old bylaw on the books that prevents overnight parking but it has never been enforced. Because it is time for spring street sweepers, a new zealous employee decided to enforce the bylaw and so contacted the OPP. He happened to contact an equally zealous new officer who issued about 30 tickets. Upset residents were refunded their money.

ii) A proper parking lot will be completed by the DOC building. Heritage Port was consulted about the change.

iii) The Fire Hall is now in the hands of engineers and architects. The committee will meet in two weeks. The question of the mural on the present fire hall was raised. Should it be in a new location or on the new fire hall?

c) Dave McCarthy reported on the traffic study. CE and Elgin County will soon put new speed signs on Carlow Road. They will say 40 km and Community Safety Zone. Fines will be doubled. Now the OPP is giving tickets on East Road. Dave said the OPP has new technology that can be set up to record speeds of ongoing traffic and can be there 24 hours a day for a week.


d) Andrew Hibbert announced that a dive team of Avro Arrow hunters who have been searching the lake for years hope to be retrieving an Avro Arrow model for Canada’s sesquicentennial.


Adjournment 8:30