Board of Directors Present: Janet Kennedy, Linda Easton, Dave McCarthy, Fred Heintz


Call to Order: Janet Kennedy welcomed everyone.


1) Treasurer’s Report: No change from last meeting


2) Signage:

a) Fred Heintz had spoken with Andrew Hibbert and the new Port Stanley entrance sign is to be installed either on Sunset Road across from East Road which would include the new subdivision or across from the Gas Bar.

3) Prespa:

a) Frank Sherifi has another proposal for his property at the corner of Edith Cavell and William Street. He would like to run it past the PSVA before making a formal presentation to council. The meeting will probably happen in August. Janet will reconstitute the PSVA sub-committee to discuss the project. The provincial regulations on the OMB will be changing. This will give local municipalities greater control over development. It was suggested to delay as long as possible to allow for the change in regulations.


4) Senior Housing:

a) Wendy MacMillan explained the proposal they are presenting to Central Elgin on Monday. Neal Watson is a no cost advisor from Central Elgin. He will help guide the committee through application for funding and the marketing survey. Ruth Heard, a member of the committee, pointed out that transportation, healthcare and affordable housing are major senior issues. Various properties were discussed such as the Berm against the hill or the Shamrock property but Dan McNeil pointed out that it is polluted and owned by some Koreans who have returned to their homeland. If Central Elgin were to take over the property for back taxes, they would become responsible for the environmental clean up. The other location was beside and including the DOC building. Many felt it was not feasible to use such potentially profitable waterside property for low cost housing.

b) Dan McNeil explained that the berm and harbour locations will generate income for maintaining the harbour via tax revenue. Are non profits a good idea for those locations? The west harbour with the DOC building is non encumbered and so can be developed for profit. The east harbour berm is encumbered and so cannot be developed for profit until the agreement with the federal government comes to an end. That means that location, rather than sitting there for years, could be developed as a non profit to avoid a windfall profit which would break the agreement.

c) The question was raised as to whether the residents will be local seniors. Anyone may apply.

d) A vote was taken and the members agreed to the market analysis and proposal to council to request that Karen Harris, Director of Finance, monitor any possible monies from the grant.



5) New Business

The question was raised about the signage on Main Beach warning of the private property past that point. Dan gave the long explanation dating back to a crown patent of Upper Canada in 1834. This allows necessary access to the beach for vessels and persons but Ontario has no regulation on beach access. People walk along the shoreline but there is no clear law regulating access. There was an MPP who brought a private member’s bill to the provincial legislature but it did not get past second reading and so died when parliament ended its session. That MPP stepped down and so there is no one at present to champion the idea of making the high water mark as a legal walking area. Michigan has such a regulation. Dan suggested PSVA support the legal right to walk the shoreline.


The sewage plant is progressing well and will be completed by year end.

Construction on Carlow is now dewatering so, when that is complete, they will next take on the sanitary sewer from Carlow. At that point the crew have been instructed by Central Elgin to work 24/7 to complete the project in 3 to 4 days.

The George Street subdivision by Wastell still has more development work to do. It may be apartment buildings.

South of the Shamrock property is an area owned by Ultramar. It may become a new access road.

The federal remediation work on the berm is complete but needs Ontario Ministry of the Environment approval.



Adjournment 8:35