Board of Directors Present: Janet Kennedy, Linda Easton, Dave McCarthy, Fred Heintz, Gail Lamb

Call to Order: Janet Kennedy welcomed everyone.

1) Treasurer’s Report: No change from last meeting


2) Traffic:

a) Dave McCarthy reported on the traffic changes on Carlow Road. The school speed limit is now 40 km and the area is now a Community Safety Zone which means fines are doubled. The OPP has been doing extra monitoring.

b) Dave issued an invitation to the Port Stanley Community Policing Office for July 8 at 10 AM to acknowledge their 25th year of service.

c) The PSCP will be doing a water safety day at PS Public School. The police, fire, and beach rescue will be presenting. Students will rotate through each.

d) It was agreed to ask for a presentation of the OPP re the speed spyer, a device that attaches to a pole to monitor traffic recording speed and time of day. This gives data re traffic behaviour. The OPP is asking for donations from groups to buy the device, which costs $3500. Dave will arrange for the presentation to the PSVA.

e) East Road will need to be looked at again after the subdivision is completed. Now the speeds are variable. Commercial vehicles use East Rd because it is straighter at the stop light. The question of poor visibility coming off Prospect was raised. Can mirrors be used?


3) Senior Living Committee:

a) Wendy MacMillan was unable to attend so Gail Lamb presented on behalf of committee. They have been researching location and funding. Elizabeth Sebastian was contacted and she is enthusiastic about senior accommodation in Port. Neil Water is the housing development officer and there is no cost for his advice. The committee needs an informal meeting with Dave Marr and Dan McNeil. There are 3 possible options. 3 sites are owned by Central Elgin. 2 of those sites might be appropriate. The question is how big should the residence be? Kettle Creek Villa has 30 units.

b) There are programs available but the committee needs guidance. The villa units are both subsidized and market value. The first step is deciding the feasibility of the sites. They are looking at rental only now. Perhaps 3 ½ storeys but would like to avoid large parking lots. Units need to be affordable – possibly rent plus subsidy? Only corporations can apply to CMHC for funding so Central Elgin or a corporate private developer would have to do this.

c) Dan explained that the Province of Ontario funded the villa. The mortgage is now paid off. Central Elgin owns the villa but it is incorporated and so is separate from CE. CE does the administration but is paid by the corporation. The board of directors is comprised of councilors and residents. Some rents are geared to income and the rest are market-valued. They must follow provincial regulations and have to set aside funding for repairs.

d) There is an age friendly survey posted by the Health Unit and Elgin County. They are in the process of developing a plan for seniors. The survey is there for the next 10 days. The link will be posted on the PSVA site.


4) Port Stanley Harbour Secondary Plan:

Janet Kennedy is a “member at large” of the Harbour Steering Committee and is committed to representing the views of PSVA. She presented the latest information on the Port Stanley Secondary Harbour Plan and said she would email the link to the consultant’s post-meeting presentation to Council.

The Secondary Plan’s purpose is to prepare a long-term plan for the Port Stanley harbour as required by CE’s Official Plan. The Steering Committee’s function is to come up with a preferred land development concept. This could include, as stated in the Official Plan: hotels, inns, entertainment, restaurants, retail, commercial, and a water park.

The ‘visioning’ process at the last meeting (April 18th) was to take the feedback from the public coffee conversations and ‘sticky notes’ and divide them into categories to develop guiding principles that reflect what the public wants. Seven categories were identified:

1 Access to all season public amenities

2 Reflect our ‘active’ community

3 All waterfront accessible to the public

4 Enhance the port’s services

5 Everything should be compatible in design

6 Mixed use of the land, e.g. residential and commercial

7 Financial sustainability

The two categories that were flagged as most important are: all waterfront should be publicly accessible and financial sustainability.

Prior to the next meeting, the consultants and staff will prepare preliminary land use scenarios. At the next Steering Committee meeting we will assess the scenarios.

Another conversation event will be held again in July to get feedback from the public.


5) New Business

a) The decision on Port Stanley Public School will be made May 23.

b) Pickle Ball is looking for a venue but needs a building 18 to 20 feet high. The fire hall was considered but it is an asset that will be sold to help pay for the new hall. The school is a possibility but the problem with Central Elgin’s insurers needs to be resolved. Mayor Marr needs to be contacted to solve the problem. Dan McNeil stated that negotiations are done with Karen so she should be consulted first about any change in insurance. It is much more complicated than an individual policy.

c) Dan McNeil reported that Carlow Road is the largest contract CE has ever had - $17 million. It includes a sewer plant, all system pumping station. The sanitary sewer is meant to operate during a power failure for both the well and pump. Otherwise sewage can collect in the well.

d) The contractor started 2 months later than CE wanted. The coffer dam for the well has a steel piling with chills with water. The drain is 20 feet deep. The water smelled like oil and so could not be discharged into the harbour. They need a potable cleansing separator unit but need MOE approval to use the equipment. The means a delay of weeks. Central Elgin has told the contractor they have to work 24/7 once they begin work again. The building for the public washroom and the tourist center is still ongoing and will be completed on time.

e) There is pollution from the gasification site at the former Shamrock property and the area around the silos may be polluted as well. A gas station was on the site in the past.

f) Edith Cavell will have new heritage lights stretching all the way to downtown.

g) Prespa is probably waiting for the Secondary Harbour Plan to be completed before proposing its next building.

h) The turnaround at Mackie’s will have picnic tables and umbrellas.

i) The rental agreement with McAsphalt was over several years ago. CE does not intend to renew it.

j) George and Front Streets have had trees cleared to improve site lines for right turns. A sidewalk will be installed for future development and safer walking on George Street.


Adjournment 8:30