Board of Directors Present: Janet Kennedy, Gail Lamb and Fred Heintz

1 Call to order: Janet Kennedy welcomed everyone. She thanked Mayor Dave Marr and Councillor Dan McNeil for attending

2 Treasurer’s Report: Harry Bishop reported, through Janet, that there is $6343.24 in funds. $2500 is already assigned to future signage

3 Inclusive meeting night:  Janet has been looking for a location that is available on the same night each month for consistency of PSVA meetings and availability of board members.  Wednesday is not a good night for Andrew as he is often finalizing The Beacon and as VP he is a key board member. The Legion is not available on Thursdays during the winter. Mondays and Fridays are not good on long weekends. She asked for suggestions.

a The school, arena, local churches and firehall charge insurance and rent

b Janet will ask the theatre

c Consider Tuesdays at the Legion – Janet will check

d Janet asked for a show of hands to approve spending approx. $300 per year for insurance if necessary. There were no objections.

e It was noted that the room used for the meeting this evening was crowded and it was difficult to hear at the back. The microphone provided by the Legion had too much feedback to be effective. 

4 School review update: Janet made a presentation to trustees and those present at the February public meeting on behalf of the PSVA, in support of keeping the PS School open. A copy of her presentation was in The Beacon.

5 Port Stanley Harbour Secondary Plan(PSHSP)– Steering Committee:

a Janet is representing the PSVA. Gail attended in her place for the first meeting and was invited to participate as member of the public. She will not receive meeting notices and agendas; Janet shares them with her.

b The next meeting is April 18th

c Dave Marr is Chair.  It is a brand new committee and initial tasks are setting scope and doing some brainstorming related to the drawings. The scope must include what is on the water and not just the surrounding land.

d Dan reported that he has written an article for the next edition of the Beacon.  He stated “This is the most important thing we will do this year.”

e Dillon has been hired as the Consulting Engineer. They will consult extensively with all parties, including the Steering Committee and residents of Port. Their report and recommendations will first go to the Steering Committee for their input and ultimately, approval. The Committee will then present the report and recommendations to Council for their approval

f Residents should watch for advertised opportunities to give input to Dillon through various means, formal and informal. Dave Marr suggested that a PSVA meeting would be a good opportunity – Janet to follow up

g The work of the steering committee is now dealing with the “nuts and bolts” for the Harbour Plan rather than just the vision.  The Harbour Vision Committee set up by the previous Council may or may not be re-implemented by this Council

h There is a Technical Committee made up of CE staff that is looking at parking, traffic and other similar issues and will report to the Steering Committee

6 Future for Senior Living: member Wendy MacMillan stated that she believes it is important that the needs of older seniors who reside in Port and wish to continue to live here independently and at reasonable cost for as long as they can, must be taken into account when the future of Port is being considered and planned by the Steering Committee. Seniors remaining in their homes as long as possible is a stated direction of our health care system and the desire of many.   Such things as:

a Affordable accommodation for when people do not wish, are unable or cannot afford to maintain a house or need to take the capital out of their house to pay for living expenses.    

b A supportive community that keeps an eye out for each other and helps people to live independently. A sense of community, friendship and activities that avoid the social isolation that causes depression and illness

c A mix of families with children and seniors. Keep young and old in touch with each other.

d Accessible space, layout and interior fittings that support older residents remaining in their homes. Accommodation for visiting family or caregivers. Shared social space.

e Easy walking access to Foodland, the library, the Legion, the drug store, the theatre, the doctor’s office, churches.

f Wheelchair accessibility to all new park development being contemplated

g Ensuring that Port remains a vital business community that can continue to have the basic amenities that effectively support seniors without a car/no longer able to drive for most daily needs. Ensure we continue to work on having sufficient family doctors to serve our residents.

h Consider options for transportation for necessary trips to St Thomas or London for those without a car.

i The Kettle Creek Villas on Frances Street have many of these features but there is a sometimes long and somewhat unpredictable waiting list. There will be increasing numbers of seniors in future.  Are there plans to build another similar building? 

j Wendy asked if Dan could again share the information about a Senior’s Coop building in BC – Dan  asked Janet to email him to request a copy  with the links intact. Janet will then send it to the membership (Attached as appendix 1)

k Discussion followed.  Dan McNeil and Dave Marr stated that there are no current CE plans for building something similar to the “Villa” since the type of funding and legal ownership made available by the Ontario government at the time the Villa was built is no longer available. But other options may be out there. Both agreed about the importance of Wendy’s “vision.” They suggested a presentation by Wendy to Dillon as part of their fact gathering – Wendy thought it would have more influence if it came formally from the PSVA with some preliminary research/suggested solutions completed.

l Wendy asked if making a certain number of subsidized rental apartments could be made mandatory for CE approval of future condo developments – Dan and Dave did not know the answer to this or if this had been done in other municipalities but it is something to look into.

m Discussion took place about possible locations away from the harbour since the land cost would be much less but many felt that something further away from the centre of Port would negate the benefit of walking accessibility to services and be more isolating.

n Janet asked Wendy to chair a sub-committee of the PSVA to research options for funding and structuring/managing and locating such a building, and to present those ideas to the PSVA membership at a future meeting. 

o Wendy agreed and it was supported by a majority of those present. Wendy asked those interested in being on the committee to let her know. She would particularly like people with some background in this area to be able to help with research.

7.   Parking for village residents: A concern was raised that local residents find it increasingly hard to find parking close to central facilities, especially during the summer and for events at the theatre. Dan reported that there will be some additional parking provided on the west side of the harbour when the washrooms are built. This will include disabled parking. The comment was made that this is too far for people who have difficulty with walking.  It was discussed that perhaps some extra disabled parking spots are required, for example on Bridge St. outside the medical building. It was suggested that Janet send a letter from the PSVA to CE requesting that this be considered.

a.     The existing firehall site was also suggested but this is not a short term option - before anything can happen there, the new firehall must be up and running and the old firehall declared surplus before a new purpose for this site can be entertained.

b.     Dan stated that future parking is part of the mandate of the Harbour Secondary Plan.

9.   Food trucks in Port Stanley: Dan reported that in the past the CE Bylaws had stated no commercial use of the beach. Sport in Port proposed renting paddleboards and the bylaw was changed on a trial basis, so that all future decisions came to Council. Food vendors who applied were told they had to satisfy the health department about prep and storage of food before being given a permit. This made it difficult for vendors to justify the related expense.  There is a “non-compete” clause in the Bylaw. There is a public meeting about this issue on March 27th – Dan provided Janet with the information about the meeting and she will scan and email it to members (sent as email with meeting notification).

10.  Solar panels on CE Buildings: Prior to the meeting a Port resident expressed concern about the aesthetics of having solar panels on CE buildings. Dan reported that CE had no specific plans to include solar panels on their buildings at this time, but had expressed their willingness to incorporate them in the future.

11.  Dan McNeil’s report: Dan informed us of the following

a.     The future of the Dominion of Canada Building will be discussed as part of the PS Harbour Secondary Plan

b.     Harbour development continues. The bare bones of Hofhuis Park are in place. The boathouse for the rescue boat is under construction.  The boat launch is in place but the addition of lighting is a health and safety issue and will be going to tender. Heritage style lighting will be added to Hofhuis Park. Remediation of the harbour lands to the west will be finished this year. The boardwalk will be elevated. There is approx. $3.5 million left in the harbour budget after all this work is completed

c.      The pumping station will be moved to the south side of Bridge street, in the same location as the public washroom and tourist office - work will start this spring

d.     Edith Cavell work should be finished by the end of April (May 24 latest) including the boulevard

e.     Goal is to open up the pier April 1st. The new gates are installed.

f.       The Federal Government is still monitoring the wells on the berm for contamination

g.     Future of McAsphalt cannot be discussed at this time

h.     Fishing from the pier is still being reviewed – there are insurance- related issues.  At this time the OPP will reinforce the rules against fishing

i.       There is lots of work to be done to remediate the lighthouse, including some work underwater

j.       At this time there is no further news from Prespa on their plans to move forward with a condo building on William.  The Prespa townhouse condo closest to Why Not Park on Edith Cavell (already approved) is to be a lottery prize, which will drive some more visibility for the townhouse development.


The location and date of the next meeting will be emailed to members as soon as it is known.



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